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  1. Loops. No playable instrument. Just loops. I’m waiting for Musio’s bagpipes…
  2. Neither AudioPluginDeals nor Gumroad offer the bundle (mentioned above) for sale as least as of today, 13 August 2023. Individual instruments are available are still available at PluginBoutique and LootAudio; they run for about $10 each.
  3. Yes. You may download the libraries--and actually, the individual articulation(s) and mic positions--that you want, whenever you want.
  4. I had good luck getting a good price from Thomann Music on SonicCoutre's Vibraphone: it was $10 cheaper than anywhere else . I'm in the US, so no VAT. Had my serial number in a minute or two after purchase.
  5. Sounds nice, and I appreciate the various presets. Note: you need to both download via Pulse and THEN register it within Native Access. This second step tripped me up.
  6. Have been waiting for this sale. Ready to upgrade to the Evolution Guitar bundle! I'm in!
  7. Is this a typo? I see it on sale for $398 everywhere (though some additional discounts are available at the usual suspects).
  8. Yes. Here's what it says there: "Your order is currently being processed and your serial will be available shortly. You will receive an email from us once this has been deposited into your user account." It's been about 24 hours thus far. I'm sure it will eventually appear, not worried. Just not sure what exactly "shortly" means to PluginBoutique.
  9. Glad to know I'm not alone in not receiving a serial number. This is the longest delay I believe I've ever experienced between purchasing a digital product and a key or serial.
  10. I wouldn't venture a timeline, but I would venture that we'll start to see certain incentives down the road, like buy one and get X free, or something like that, that initially doesn't discount the price per se, but provides additional content or peoducts. Could be wrong, but I've seen others promise similar things that backpedaled once they wanted to increase their income.
  11. As far as I am concerned, the QVOs work great for samples. From what I remember, they have a slower write time than other, more expensive SSDs, but their read time is on par as more expensive versions. So, since I typically write once only, this is a fine tradeoff for saving $. I've enjoyed my QVO drives so far.
  12. Just grabbed Decades SDX using the suggested process above (thanks, Larry) -- I'd been waiting over a year to pick up Decades SDX, and didn't think I'd ever be able to pick it up new for $77. Yeah, saw in Larry's notice that Decades SDX wouldn't qualify for the discount, but it does... at least at the moment from BestService.
  13. The direct email listed the following: "Sale is through Sunday, October 31."
  14. I agree -- I have no interest in long-term subscriptions. But, for virtual instruments and effects, these provide a very valuable way to test out a company's offerings over a short time to get a feel how they feel without spending wads of cash and, as often happens, regretting purchases made somewhat blindly. I'm currently using a trial of East West's subscription service and it was insightful. Some libraries I easily dismissed, while others I plan to purchase outright (full license) now that I know that it can do what I am looking for. In terms of Waves, this is less important because you can already demo any plugin on demand without needing a subscription to do so. Same with Izotope.
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