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  1. There is a problem in articulation map. To show that : 1.insert articulation A at instant A 2.insert articulation B at instant B later than A 3.play from start until further than B 4.stop the playing 5.restart the playing At that point Cakewalk send articulation A when it should send articulation B The only workaround in Preferences/Project/Midi/Other options : uncheck "inclure les événements de notes"
  2. Many thanks ! Midi routing is a very useful thing !
  3. One of my VST (GPO5) use the CC 1 for the dynamic (piano,mf,f,ff...). Once the notes recorded on the different tracks ,I draw the curves for CC 1 on each track while the dynamic is the same for all tracks. Is there a way to draw this curve just once and that the CC messages is sent to multiple tracks ?
  4. This was à configuration error. Sorry unable to record sustain pedal The context : Windows 8 6.3 Cakewalk 2020.11 Build 098 64 bit The problem : impossible to record the sustain pedal. This is a specific Cakewalk bug . With Pianoteq standalone or Cubase no problem.
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