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  1. Reaper is an exceptional DAW, but it requires a certain kind of person to use it. If you enjoy customizing your DAW, then Reaper will let you set up menus and interfaces that are unique to your workflow. And yes, it's extremely CPU efficient, and I don't think I have ever had it crash. Highly recommended!
  2. OMG... there's only 18 copies left at the special sale price (of more than $200). I have no time to lose... where is my credit card... must have UltraViral Snake Oil... I wonder if it's infused with Copper and Cannabis hemp fibers... can it be washed and used again and again? Will they charge an additional handling fee if I want 2 copies? So many questions and so little time... cannot miss this life-changing deal...
  3. Chord Potion Try taking the chord output of some of the programs named above (Scaler 2, Obelisk, etc) and feed it into Chord Potion. Ripchord This is a freebie that is similar to Cthulhu, but is in many ways better. It does not have Cthulhu's arpeggio function, but it's chord function is superior. (And it's output feeding into Chord Potion works great too!)
  4. As I have said before about this ever-recurring sale - nice sound but difficult to use. You are much better off taking your $89 and save it for one guitar during a sale at Ample Sound.
  5. Michael A.D.

    UJAM Mellow

    A nice sounding upright jazz bass, it can do various patterns to match chords, but getting it for just the sound at $39 is a good deal.
  6. Have you checked out Barricade from Toneboosters? I use it for mastering all the time. https://www.toneboosters.com/tb_barricade_v4.html
  7. Yeah, I seem to have this in Syntronik already. I did purchase Syntronik when it first came out, and if I recall there were a couple of free add-ons previously. Perhaps some people don't have it, otherwise I don't understand why they would be offering it as a freebie.
  8. 2.05 seems much better - I have only crashed once in the last 2 hours and it wasn't as severe as the crashes that caused the whole DAW to go down - only Scaler 2 closed.
  9. Uh oh... lots of crashes with Scaler 2. (I never had a single crash with the original Scaler.) I suggest saving often because you ARE going to crash. There's LOTS of complaints on the Scaler community board: https://forum.scalerplugin.com/t/scaler-2-crash/3195
  10. Grabbed the upgrade last night. Lots of new stuff in it - version 1 was already good, so this is an excellent upgrade! Going to start looking at the new modulation stuff.
  11. I already own Scaler and am looking forward to Scaler 2. I had never heard of Chord Prism, so I downloaded a demo version after watching a few videos explaining it's features. The demo was full featured except that it timed out after 20 minutes. I played with it for a few days and came to the conclusion that it was not in the same league as Scaler. (Or Ripchord or Cthulhu). I'm not sure who the target audience is for Chord Prism, but it's "1 finger" chord system is very primitive compared to Ripchord or Cthulhu. After playing with it for a few days I have deleted it from my system. Anyone interested should download the demo and decide whether it's useful for them.
  12. From USA Today: A 99% survival rate might sound promising. But when it’s scaled out to the rest of the country – all 329 million residents – a 1% survival rate takes on a different meaning. The attending physician for Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court predicted early in the pandemic that 70 million to 150 million U.S. residents would contract COVID-19. A 1% mortality rate at that scale of infection is between 700,000 and 1.5 million dead – roughly the population of Washington, D.C., on the low end or the entire population of Hawaii on the high end.
  13. This deal has been offered countless times. I bought these years ago when they had a deal going, but I gave up on them a long time ago. They do sound good, but I found them very difficult to use. I moved onto the Ample guitars and never bothered with these again.
  14. Matt was correct in that it appears to only allow you to input single track MIDI type 0 files. And it can only be block chords - single notes will not work. So, I don't think the MIDI import feature is of much use - you might as well just enter the chords directly on their keyboard. Besides, when you enter manually you can name the chord, plus you can enter individual notes. Also observe that you are free to enter a note that is not the note you are playing. So you might create a CMAJ7 chord and then put an individual E note that would normally be a C#. So you can create some interesting, easy to play progressions, for instance, alternating between chords and bass notes. And yes, they do need a manual. Older videos show some of the features not mentioned in the latest video with perhaps the most important feature being that you are not limited to one keypress. So you might set up basic chords that one finger plays and upper extensions that another finger could play. Finally, I've found that RipChord is great fun feeding into Chord Potion.
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