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  1. Thanks BTP! I guess it makes more sense to spend $42 and get MSoundFactoryLE as that will give me Power Strings and other items.
  2. I'm confused by this offer. If Power Strings is free in both MSoundFactoryLE and MSoundFactory, what is the purpose of buying it for $9? It cannot be used stand-alone, right? It requires a host program? (MSoundFactoryLE or MSoundFactory?) MSoundFactoryLE says that you cannot edit the instruments, so does paying $9 for Power Strings allow you to edit the parameters in the LE program? Can anyone help me with this?
  3. It's a fantastic and fun piece of software! I bought it for $27 and thought I was getting a great deal - at $12 everybody should buy this!
  4. Uh-oh.... This does not sound like the Labs we have gotten in the past which were always free. Here's what the website says: "We have built something special for you. Have your say, get a free trial and discounted early access by joining the waitlist."
  5. Do you need to have a Krotos subscription in order to use that 51GB fundamental library? Or does it work like the starter library which you can use without a subscription?
  6. The Convology XT Plugin is free and is well worth getting. Larry's link will show it as the first item. It comes with a bunch of free IRs as well. Their sale is on a bunch of IRs that work with the plugin.
  7. I upgraded last night and it seems to be working fine. I'm on Windows 11.
  8. Quick follow-up - after countless emails to them without ever getting a response, they have refunded my PayPal payment. So thank you Ugritone... I wish you could have communicated with me, but finally, you have lived up to your "No questions asked" refund policy.
  9. I grabbed this package too... mostly for the Melda delay... and for $29 it has lots of fun stuff to fool with.
  10. I like the Ugritone drums, but I recently purchased their TRVE Cab bundle (an impulse response player and a collection of IRs). It does not work properly (weird beeping sounds and sliders that are too sluggish to use), so I emailed them about the problems. I didn't hear back from them, so I emailed them again. And again. And again. Yes - 4 times (and over the course of several weeks), and yet no response from their support email. Their website says they offer a "no-questions-asked" refund policy within 6 months of a purchase. In my emails to them I even said a store credit would be fine if they can't fix the problems. Does anyone know how to reach them other than their support email? I don't want to write a bad review, but maybe that's the only way to get their attention?
  11. I purchased RipX Daw a few months ago when they were running a sale. I haven't explored its many features, but I have found it fantastic for splitting parts into stems.
  12. Extremely stable and extremely CPU efficient. Didn't Bapu do a test a few years ago comparing various DAWS and found Reaper was the best CPU-wise? Just check it out and see if it's good for you - they give you a free 60 day trial.
  13. Click on the camera icon and then the display will change to the one shown with your Field Drum. Then you can set both the Output and the Midi channel - usually these would be set to the same number. Ideally, you should run one instance of Kontakt with multiple outputs - each instrument with its own Output and Midi channel.
  14. They offer a free 21 day demo so you can check it out. I am very impressed with it's stem extraction. No, not perfect, but better than any other product I've tried.
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