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  1. I haven't played a bass in more than 40+ years, but that Jack Casady bass has tempted me many times.
  2. Check out Scaler 2. It costs $59 and will give you a lifetime of useful information. And you can try a demo too: https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/6439
  3. I grabbed four of the strings packs - great deal! I'd never heard of Alex Pfeffer so thanks to Matt for his post!
  4. Volume 1 was great fun - looking forward to this new one!
  5. I looked at the demo and I don't get it. Yes, it's a nice arpeggiator, but I see nothing special about it. Most DAWs will let you record the MIDI out of a VST, so nothing special there. You can always record automation into the MIDI after you've recorded it into your DAW. Perhaps for $19 this might be a consideration, but $99 for the intro price? That's way too expensive for an arpeggiator. Cthulhu is $39 and will give you a great arpeggiator as well as one-finger chord playback. Scaler 2 is $59 and will do live playback of arpeggios (Reid's request) and I am pretty sure you can change them over the course of a song via keyswitches. And of course Scaler 2 provides so many more features for far less than the cost of Sample Logic's expensive arpeggiator.
  6. Gotta love that bottled water market! Whoever said "Let's charge people to buy something that they already have" was a marketing genius. Note that Evian spelled backwards is Naive.
  7. I found this freebie on KVR. I have not tried it... https://www.kvraudio.com/news/ultimate-midi-plugin-updates-free-simple-chord-detection-vst-plug-in-for-windows-to-v1-1-52001
  8. Is there some advantage to the new version compared to the original Kontakt version?
  9. How about the free version of Jamstix? https://www.rayzoon.com/rayzoon_downloads.html
  10. I like these: http://www.smashupthestudio.com/funky_electric_bass.html
  11. If you do anything with strings, then just get this. Even at full price this is a great tool to have in your kit. At this sale price you have no excuse - just get it and marvel at how good it sounds!
  12. NI's yearly 50% off Komplete sale is probably coming next week. I don't know the regular price of Komplete 13 with the full version of Kontakt, but if it's $599, then $300 is a good deal for those without Kontakt to get the full version of Kontakt plus a lot of other stuff. I've had the full version of Kontakt for a long time (think I got it in Komplete 9) and I think it's one of the most important pieces of software a person can have. It will open you up to a world of other software, much of which can be very inexpensive and very high quality.
  13. I too have both Scaler2 and ChordJam. I gave my opinion about ChordJam above, but would like to add a couple more things. ChordJam is not CPU friendly. It will bog your system down pretty quickly, but as a quick idea generator, it's fine. You'll never be able to use it in a live situation, though I doubt that was it's intended use. One other thing I forgot to mention is that ChordJam does not allow you set a different MIDI channel for each note in the chords it creates. Perhaps they can add that in a future upgrade. I like Brian's description of ChordJam as a "happy accident" creative toy. You can get something fun out it in seconds - as I mentioned I like to feed it into ChordPotion, but I'm sure there are other VSTs that will also be "happy accident" compatible. Scaler2 is light years ahead of ChordJam and does so much more, in so many ways, that I can only say buy Scaler2 if you can only buy one or the other. You will be amply rewarded for the time you spend exploring Scaler2 and there is LOTS to explore.
  14. Too bad they don't discount their $29 stuff. I guess Spitfire must think they are so cheap already? But even a 10% discount ($3 off) would be nice.
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