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  1. I could not agree more! I would go so far as to say it's the most amazing music program I have found in the last few years and it's just in it's infancy. The SynthV voices are already realistic enough to fool most casual listeners, but the voices are going to get more sophisticated, more stylized, and I think they will slowly infiltrate modern music production as a standard tool.
  2. Here's my favorite FM synth. Yeah it costs $50, but it's absolutely fantastic! https://www.plogue.com/products/chipsynth-ops7.html
  3. Chord Potion is great! Especially for bad keyboard players like me! Another way you can change the patterns is to assign the keyswitches to pads on your keyboard controller. This is useful if you don't have a full keyboard that can allow you to reach the lower keyswitches while playing in your preferred range.
  4. I got the SR-88 as a freebie just a few days ago. I was not impressed - rather boring, with mediocre samples. Will probably never use it. (Good thing it was free!) Looks like Latin Percussion is the same program with different samples. I'll pass.
  5. Besides the cool interface (a great way to interpret/create beats!), Beat Scholar comes with GREAT sounds and grooves. If you like percussion that can border at times on being melodic, then Beat Scholar is highly recommended!
  6. I got an email from Toontrack offering a 20% discount on everything in my cart. They gave me a personalized discount code and said it must be used by December 31st. I thought to myself that it's time to get EZDrummer3 ! Then I read the rest of the mail and realized that their offer is basically a joke: All items available in the webshop for the duration of the promotion apply, except for: • EZdrummer 3, the EZdrummer 3 Upgrade, EZdrummer 3 Bundle, EZdrummer 3 MIDI Edition and the EZX Value Pack • EZbass, the EZbass Bundle, EZbass MIDI Edition and the EBX Value Pack • The Superior Drummer 3 Bundle, Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Edition, Superior Drummer 3 MIDI Edition and the SDX Value Pack • The EZ Line Software Collection bundle • All single-title SDX expansions currently not on sale • All single-title EZX expansions currently not on sale Thanks for the meaningless offer Toontrack! They should have listed only the items that you could actually use the code with.
  7. I was not impressed with Vogue - I thought it was too expensive for what it offered. And at that price I would expect MIDI out. So I was a bit reluctant when they announced Vibe, but what the heck - it's a 30 day demo, so I decided to try it. Well, Vibe surprised me - I like this very much - perhaps because it's a more percussive instrument. It seems to create much better results than Vogue, but I still feel it's a bit pricey and the lack of MIDI out is terrible. (Maybe they are saving MIDI out for V2 when they can charge everyone for an upgrade?) I'll play with this a bit more tonight, but I am leaning towards purchasing it. (And yeah, I feel I should get a discounted price as I own at least 15 Ujam products, but it appears they only want to give a discount to Vogue owners.)
  8. I'm confused. I have the latest version of Loopcloud and it allows my content to be indexed by their search engine. (And I have about 600,000 files that it indexes.) I get a 50% off deal to buy the annual studio plan which is $60 for the year ($5 per month). That plan also gives me 3500 points to buy clips, so with most clips costing 2 points, that gives me more than 1700 clips that I can purchase with the points. It also gives me 25 free clips every day. I think it's a great deal, especially considering how good their search engine is.
  9. I own quite a few of Rigid Audio's instruments and they are an excellent value. If I didn't have so many of their titles already I would grab this new offer. I do have one big complaint about most of their titles in that they number their patches instead of naming them. Many of their titles are blending two or more sources and when you get a pull-down menu for source A that shows 300 numbers and source B shows 300 numbers... well it's pretty tough to remember what those sounds are. Yeah, I'm sure you can save your favorite patches, but it would make more sense to see a source named BELLS22 rather than just 22. Other than that I would recommend their products - they sound good and are interesting to play with.
  10. I've had the Miroslav orchestra for years and rarely use it. If you are looking for a low cost orchestral library, I would suggest Amadeus. I think you can get it for about $100 when it's on sale: https://sonicscores.com/amadeus/
  11. The Sordino Strings sound really nice. I gotta get this tonight! Not too many opportunities to get a Sonokinetic library for $39 (unless it's their annual Xmas sale when it might be free or a BIG sale).
  12. Kenny said "Before Charlie everyone was just playing banjo's and arch-top guitars non amplified on the band stand ..." A little correction on the history. Eddie Durham predated and inspired Christian. In 1935, he was the first to record an electrically amplified guitar with Jimmie Lunceford in "Hittin' the Bottle" that was recorded in New York for Decca. In 1938, Durham recorded single string electric guitar solos with the Kansas City Five (or Six), which were both smallish groups that included members of Count Basie's rhythm section along with the tenor saxophone playing of Lester Young. Durham inspired Christian to start using an amplified instrument in 1937.
  13. These "computer" voices are getting better and better. Check this out made with Synthesizer V using the Solaria voice:
  14. Acoustic Samples is the same company that constantly has specials on their guitars - usually a package of 3 or 4 instruments. I (and others here) have commented many times about how those guitars sound nice but are very difficult to use. As a matter of fact, I never use them because of their difficulty. I have never heard of these Acoustic Samples basses, but when I go the Acoustic Samples website they are not even listed, which makes me wonder if these basses are VERY old and may exhibit all the problems that the guitars have.
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