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  1. I'd never heard of this company (ProMidiFiles) and was excited to try some of their freebies to evaluate purchasing their products. I started with the piano jazz freebies... and I would not call them jazz. They were all HEAVILY quantized and perhaps someone might call them pleasant, but they had NOTHING to do with jazz. I then tried their free Cinematic scores. And like Matt, my first reaction was "What instrument(s) was this designed for?" They had program changes at the beginning of every track, so clearly the author had some VST in mind. And, as Matt mentioned, they did have tempo changes. Maybe when I have time in the next day or two I will see if I can put some of my instruments onto the tracks and see if there is anything worthwhile there. But so far I am not impressed with ProMidiFiles. I do recommend "Smash Up the Studio" for good Midi files: http://www.smashupthestudio.com/
  2. The big print is UP to 80% off. The fine print is MOST much less off.
  3. I like it too. One minor complaint is that it can only locate MIDI files located on the C drive. Seems like this should be easily fixed...
  4. Gotta agree with Reid - Loot Audio is nowhere near as navigable as Kontakt Hub was. I used to visit Kontakt Hub frequently, but rarely bother with Loot Audio. And my visits to Loop Audio are in hope that they have fixed their site. Guess I will be waiting awhile longer...
  5. Went to Modartt to get the upgrade... and what do you know... they were giving it to me for free! I had upgraded to their standard version a few months ago and that must have made me eligible for the free upgrade. Can't say I could hear any difference, but I did not have time to play with the new features where you could blend 2 instruments. I'm sure that will have uses. I use Pianoteq more than any other piano not just because of the sound (which I think is excellent), but because of the responsiveness. (I also love the fact that it loads in a couple of seconds!)
  6. I have the Straight Ahead bass, Ujam's Mellow, ArtVista's Back Beat... but none of them compare to Ample Sound's Upright Jazz Bass. I know it's a different price point, but wait for a sale and then get what I consider the best acoustic jazz bass.
  7. Your post nailed it perfectly. I am done with having to re-authorize their stuff because I changed something in my system.
  8. Phrasebox sale started mid-August and and ended on August 31st. I played with the demo and it was interesting enough that I bought it on the last day of the sale. It's a nice companion piece to Scaler 2.
  9. Worst feature is it's file browser. It can only see the C drive.
  10. There's some good 'David Byrne'-esque type vocals in that Barbershop. A good deal for $12!
  11. At 66 my hearing is probably not keen enough to discern any differences between DAWs. To me, they all sound good (or at least good for what I am trying to achieve.) The more significant (and harder to measure) difference is in the psycho-acoustic realm. I can listen to something I did last night and think it was great and tomorrow it just sounds so-so. I guess that would apply not to just my creations, but to any music - my state of mind has more to do with my reaction than any purely technical aspect.
  12. Here's a nice freebie arpeggiator (and it offers randomization too): https://www.codefn42.com/randarp/index.html
  13. Yep I have both. And I STRONGLY suggest that if you know anything about music, then do not spend $10 for InstaScale. And Scaler2 is great and I recommend it to everyone. CORRECTION: I have InstaChord (which is on sale at VST Buzz) , not InstaScale. And InstaChord (with all it's expansions) is still not worth $10.
  14. Actually all Western music is purposely slightly out of tune to accommodate our 12 key system of music. Google "well tempered clavier" for historical background.
  15. Monk (original theme - not the later Randy Newman theme)
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