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  1. You need to check the MIDI channels for each clip. Sounds like the flute and drums are using the same MIDI channel.
  2. They have a demo to try: https://audiomodern.com/shop/plugins/playbeat/ I bought it on a bundle sale - creates interesting grooves - worth the cost.
  3. Ableton Live can do some great generative music stuff with it's clip Launch modes. (This is one of the only things I like about Live.) Others to check out: Transition (free!): https://www.codefn42.com/transition/index.html Stochas (free!): https://stochas.org/
  4. Here's another for only $9 thought it does require either free Sforzando or full Kontakt: https://www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samples/swirly-drums
  5. Straight Ahead Samples has Straight Ahead! Brushes & Mallets: https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/sa-brushes-mallets If interested, it's frequently on sale for 50% off, so wait for one of their sales.
  6. Also for Reaper.... SWS Extensions updated. Now v2.12.1 #3. https://www.sws-extension.org/
  7. A very nice free upgrade! And they make it easy to see/try the new patches as they are highlighted.
  8. Sounds interesting so I took the link and read all about the wonderful free program they were offering, but I could not figure out how to download it. I saw a demo for Analog Lab V but it only offered a time-limited 20 minute demo. So, any advice how to get Analog Lab Lite? thanks!
  9. Yes, you could always see all the kits, even the ones you don't own. So, that was a kind of a soft-sell showing you their products. But now they have buttons that say "Read More and Buy".
  10. About these recent XLN updates - they are inserting ads for the drum kits you don't own... so as you cycle through your kits, instead of just seeing the kits you don't own, they are now enticing you to purchase them.
  11. It's an excellent freebie - highly recommended!
  12. Michael A.D.

    Klevgrand Pipa

    I grabbed this as soon as I heard the demo. Nice 'vocal' type synth sounds - great fun!
  13. Want to get a little wilder? Try out this free chord generator: https://chordi.co/
  14. Yes, you do save more but there is a massive drop-off in savings that begins after the 3rd guitar - from saving less than another $5 per guitar down to $1 per guitar depending upon how many you are buying. That's all I was trying to point out.
  15. Based on guitars with price of $119: 1 guitar $24 savings 2 guitars $38.50 savings per guitar 3 guitars $54.66 savings per guitar If you have an account with previous purchase(s): 1 guitar $34 savings 2 guitars $47 savings per guitar 3 guitars $61.33 savings per guitar (You pay $173 to purchase 3 guitars and you save $184 - you actually save more than your total purchase cost) Purchasing more than 3 guitars only provides negligible further savings of less than $5 per guitar.
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