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  1. These "computer" voices are getting better and better. Check this out made with Synthesizer V using the Solaria voice:
  2. Acoustic Samples is the same company that constantly has specials on their guitars - usually a package of 3 or 4 instruments. I (and others here) have commented many times about how those guitars sound nice but are very difficult to use. As a matter of fact, I never use them because of their difficulty. I have never heard of these Acoustic Samples basses, but when I go the Acoustic Samples website they are not even listed, which makes me wonder if these basses are VERY old and may exhibit all the problems that the guitars have.
  3. I grabbed this as soon as I saw it. Excellent string library for $25 - it's certainly a great deal. It's easy to use and sounds nice. First tests blended well with Sonokinetic's Ostinato Strings and NI's Action Strings 2.
  4. I have used most of the singing VSTs and have found SYNTH-V to be light-years ahead of all the others. I have never tried just using it as just speech, but as Mark suggested (for Alter-Ego), it can probably be done. https://dreamtonics.com/en/synthesizerv/ (And yes, there is a free version so you can can check it out.)
  5. I like all of Ben's stuff, but if you are just starting with his instruments, I highly recommend Sospiro Strings which is slow, textured stuff that's really gorgeous.
  6. Before Spitfire came up with their Labs engine, many of their current Labs instruments had been previously released as Kontakt instruments. And I kinda wished they would still be Kontakt instruments because, as many have mentioned, the Labs engine seems to have problems with keeping the instruments installed.
  7. So after playing with the 30-day "no strings attached" demo of Vogue, I have the following observations: 1) WAAAAAAY overpriced! (As Brian Lawler pointed out, where is the discount for those of us who own many Ujam products?) I think this should have a regular price of $79 with a loyalty/intro pricing of about $59.) 2) It sounds interesting/pretty, but frequently the fills don't seem to match the preset style. Maybe it's a matter of personal taste, but the fills seem to be pretty useless. 3) I am struggling to figure out the chord voicing AI. You can play with just one finger, but when you start using real chords I find the results can be haphazard. Sometimes it sounds real nice, and other times not so good. The manual has a guide to the chord voicings, so I guess I need to examine it more closely. 4) When you record, you only are recording your keypresses, so you don't get a MIDI editable performance. Yes, you can play back those keypresses and Vogue will play back the performance you heard when you made it, but a MIDI recording of the performance would be much more useful. It also means you are stuck using the UJAM piano sound as opposed to using your own piano VST. I suggest everyone try the demo and see if it fits their needs. I haven't decided yet - if it was around $59 I would have bought it. A very good alternative (if you can play basic chords on a keyboard) is Chord Potion. It comes with hundreds of musical styles (all of which can be edited), creates MIDI performances which you can edit, but it does not include a piano, so you'll need to supply a VST instrument. Of course, that means you can use piano, organ, strings, whatever instrument you want. And it costs about $50. You can check out Chord Potion here: https://feelyoursound.com/chordpotion/
  8. The Ample Sound upright is one of my favorite instruments - I use it a lot and recommend it highly.
  9. I like the sound of the AD2 kits - I would guess that I have about 75% of them. But I use Jamstix to power them and it's a great combination. (Jamstix does not get the interest that it deserves - I think it's the best drum program in the market.) I did try a demo of EZDrummer2 last year, but found that it did not compare to Jamstix (at least for my workflow). I suppose I'll give EZDrummer3 a spin when they offer a demo.
  10. Yep, that's what I did - got Synth-V, Kevin and Solaria. And I have to say it's been great fun with shockingly good results. Hopefully they come out with some good ENGLISH tutorials (either written or video) that will make Synth-V easier to use. (And yes, the VI-Control thread has been very useful!)
  11. Loom II is excellent and it makes this deal very worthwhile.
  12. Have you ever tried Reaper? Whole download is only about 20MB and it loads up EXTREMELY fast. Works with VST2 and VST3, unlimited tracks, VERY stable. And you can use it free for 60 days while you evaluate it.
  13. Maybe this chart helps? https://fablesounds.com/broadway-comparison-charts/
  14. Just getting the 4 Cherry Audio items made this a great deal for me!
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