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  1. I have Cthulhu, but for a far better program for chord generation, check out Trackbout's Ripchord. It doesn't have Cthulu's arpeggiator, but it's chord progression capabilities are much nicer, much easier to edit, and it has more playback options. It also allows you to play chords rather than Cthulu's single note player. Best of all, Ripchord is free. Check it out here: https://trackbout.com/ripchord
  2. I too grabbed this. I figured for about $11 how much do I have to lose if it's bad? But, like Reid, I have been pleasantly surprised. Lately I have been using the new randomization features of Live 11 to make ambient stuff and this Freak pack really works well for that purpose. For drums for ambient music, check out the ECM style MIDI loops from Odd Grooves. They have an entire pack devoted to that style, but you can get freebie examples from them. (They offer lots of free MIDI drum styles, so worth checking out for all styles besides ambient.) They have frequent sales too. I like their MIDI loops because they are not quantized. https://oddgrooves.com/product-category/jazz/
  3. Also, Ample Sound freebies have a limited note range, so that may explain why you are not hearing a particular note.
  4. Thanks Jason. I have no need for standalone use, but I do appreciate another nice upgrade from Ample Sound. Their upright bass is one of my favorite basses.
  5. The Riffendium series is excellent, so if you don't have any, then buy pack 1 at this low price and you'll be convinced!
  6. What is Rectangles? I saw that on the Strat upgrade and now I see it for this upgrade.
  7. I had figured out how to use it when I got it. And that's why I called it unusable! What a nightmare of a workflow. Your diagram shows how crazy it is to use! And I see that you are using it with Ample Sound's ES-335 which already gives you the ability to create sophisticated chord patterns with precise strumming patterns. But hey, it seems like you're having fun with InstaChord and getting something out of it. I guess that's what matters most!
  8. I too paid for this on a sale and found it unusable. I presume it's only for people who know absolutely nothing about music theory. As Zo said - very unintuitive. If you can get this for free, then you have paid too much! Avoid at all costs!
  9. Ample Sound is great! They keep making substantial improvements to their instruments - i.e. adding 2 GB new samples in this case - and then giving those upgrades for free to their customers. Thank you Ample Sound!
  10. I like the Ample Sound guitars - their Martin is my favorite acoustic and their Strat is my favorite electric. I also love their upright bass.
  11. These guitars sound good, but are VERY difficult to use. I bought these on a similar sale many years ago and they never get used. Save your money and get one good guitar - there are other, much better, much easier to use guitars that the ones in this sale.
  12. I grabbed Dumpster Fire... paid about $11 with my points. I knew I wanted it - had just been waiting for it to go on sale. Watch out for that MTM freebie... it wants to install a whole bunch of other demo programs.
  13. Sonokinetic (Great customer support! I was having a VERY minor problem and they could not duplicate my problem so they could not give me an immediate solution. Several months went by and I received an email with a patch that solved the problem. )
  14. NI has been doing a lot of updates for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and Apple M1 compatibility. Perhaps that's what these Scarbee updates are...(just guessing!).
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