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  1. Yes, I'll make sure the ripple button is off! Back in Cakewalk 8.5 I would have same problem...I would just open the same midi file in Sonar x3 and it pasted fine (maybe ripple was on in 8.5 and not in x3). Thanks for the help
  2. I usually highlight the track and use the select tool to copy the part to be pasted! Also, sometimes I select the measures while in notation view. I see there are a few options along with the select tool...I'll experiment with them. Thanks for the reply I appreciate the help!
  3. Thanks...I've never used ripple edit! I'll study up on it...does it also effect MIDI clips...is it enabled by default? Thanks again, I so much appreciate the help!
  4. I get around pretty well on CbB and I’ve been using Cakewalk products’ starting back in the mid 90’s mostly to edit MIDI files for backing tracks and some audio recording (still love it)! But, a lot of times (not always) when I edit the arrangement either in MIDI or audio when copying and pasting sections (using multiple paste repetitions) after a few of the pasted parts there’s a black space (1 or more measures or partial measures ) between them and I have slide the measure(s) over to close the gaps…this also happens when I copy & paste audio. Of course I set the grid and make sure my copy sections are correct. I find the pasted sections seem to start sliding right or left of the nearest ¼ note! Would appreciate any advice….
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