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  1. Ok so I'm a noob to Cakewalk, can someone please help me! I am trying to make a groove loop of a loop I downloaded from the loop pack on Cakewalk. I made a track and pulled in the sample, which then stretched to the tempo of 120bpm and longer then 8bars. I need the loop to be only 8bars, so I selected the audio clip and made it into a groove loop, when I went to the loop construction view the tempo of the loop changed to the original tempo it was recorded in which is 105bpm. The beats were initially 32, but I changed it to 36 which took the bpm to 118bpm, but not 120bpm, and then the loop was sounding wobbly out of tune etc.... how can I fix this? I would like to keep the the loop intact, but I don't know if I can? Also if I cut it and merge the two audio clips together, can I make that into a groove loop? And then how can I keep the two audio clips from popping where the two clips meet? A lot of questions I know, but any help with this is much appreciated!!! 🙂
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