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  1. Does there need to be a revenue stream to support development or licensing of a new integrated sampler feature ❔
  2. 💡 always save your project before changing the buffer size 🙄
  3. My interface is the SSL 2, I think the drivers are the issue, I usually start a Project with a buffer of 128, from there i will gradually increase up to 1024. I am noticing more frequent crashes after selecting the new buffer size and closing the preferences dialog
  4. Recently I noticed that changing or increasing the ASIO buffer size, will cause a DAW to crash (doesn't matter which DAW, I have experienced this behavior with Cakewalk, FL Studio, Cubase, and Reaper) I often have to Power the PC down and do a hard Windows restart to restore the normal ASIO driver function) would this be a Windows problem, or a USB Audio Driver issue ??
  5. forgive me for being an old head but, what does mega tilted mean ? 😵
  6. I've noticed that groove clip looping audio clips works significantly better for me, as opposed to using the stretch tool. Should I expect this difference between the two methods of stretching audio or am I missing something❔ The stretch tool creates artifacts in the audio clip but groove clips do not .
  7. the engineers at Bandlab have done a very good job fixing the bugs in Cakewalk
  8. Hello, applying time stretch to loops seems to cause audio artifacts at the loop points, is this normal ? I am trying to troubleshoot this issue and I thought performing a bounce to clip would solve the problem, I also changed the buffer size on my ASIO device from 128 samples to 1024 samples ...nothing is working for me...please help
  9. 15 years ago I almost lost everything I love (including my life) pursuing my dream of owning an independent record label,. I escaped great tragedy by a hair and a prayer. So I abandoned thousands of dollars worth of studio gear and resolved to change my life. I hadn't touched a DAW, mixing console or a sequencer since then. Those were the days of Pro tools 6, and the infamous Yamaha Motif ES series. But then the Pandemic happened and I found my self downloading (to my surprise), the full version of SONAR Platinum for FREE ! So I got myself a little 25 Key midi controller and updated the ram on my PC. Knowing that my skills were rusty and most of what I thought I knew was really outdated or obsolete. I make a few loops here and there, maybe I upload them to YouTube, maybe I don't. Sometimes the feedback I see is like WTF is this ? I laugh and shake my head. I've already done the serious music thing. So these days I'm not looking for distribution deals or anything on the serious side of music business. I've already got that T shirt and its got a few holes in it.
  10. Guerilla Genus


    Yup, thanks. The background was a little loop that I added drums to.
  11. Guerilla Genus


    Having fun with a sample of some old Film Noir.
  12. Hello, in a future release it would be nice to have the beat, bar, grid markings on the step sequencer changed to a more visible color eg. white or yellow, I don't see an option in the color pref. menu to change this... please. 🤓 Best regards
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