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  1. Help a simple man out with an associated question: when do I use Kontakt and when do I use Komplete Kontrol when using NI instruments?
  2. I can totally see paying for such a plug-in. We pay for plenty of plug-ins already 😜
  3. Well it clearly won't help anyone who doesn't use NI products but it will help anyone who does...which is a lot of people. I'm testing out Cubase specifically because of its NI integration.
  4. Don't think I'm ready for Reaktor yet 😜 but just playing with the Monark front panel controls is giving me lots of think about.
  5. Thanks guys. I have decided to focus on Monark. It has good documentation and lots of tutorials on YouTube. Plus it sounds great!
  6. Hey guys, Santa gave me a Native Instruments M32 and Komplete 13 bundle for Christmas so I could learn about synths and electronic music. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice and the power of what I now have. Komplete has 14 different synths! Where do I start? Any recommendations for which synth to start off with? The ideal starter synth would also have lots of YouTube or other training materials available. Thanks, - Mark
  7. Is there any diagnostic software that can reveal the actual speed of the USB buses and which devices are setting the bus speed?
  8. Thanks again. I'm using the Tascam Model 12, which does use Mackie Control methods, and the m32 keyboard from Native Instruments which AFAIK doesn't. I guess I'll just need to play around with it and see 🤪
  9. Thanks, that's just the reply I was looking for!
  10. Hi everyone, I an an 'improving noob' just learning Cakewalk and DAWs in general. I have a Tascam Model 12 mixer, and a Native Instruments M32 keyboard, both of which can act as DAW controllers. The M32 and Tascam control different things, except that both have transport controls. Will they keep to their own lanes or will I have to contend with them fighting? My question is, should I be aware of any interaction between the two controllers, any fighting for priority, or any other not-playing-nicely? Thanks, - Mark
  11. Don't forget good old fashioned have as much memory as possible
  12. That's a very good point Craig. I'm doing this voice work for my YouTube channel, and phones/tablets are the majority of the views.
  13. PS I should say I'm using ASIO because it was the default. I know nothing! Open to your recommendations 🤪
  14. Thanks again. So do you recommend that I use WASAPI/other ASIO drivers, or is there a benefit to sticking with the standard ASIO?
  15. Thanks! So I can only use one a time? That seems a shame. Any workaround for it?
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