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  1. My apologies. I am using roland quad capture as my interface and my imported drum and bass tracks (and any other tracks like strings, piano etc.) are generated from Band in the Box. My guitar vst is amplitude 4. I also will mention that the loudness does vary slightly as well when it goes from the bassey sound to more treble, clearer sound. Sometimes it will fluctuate a couple times and other times it can be 3 or 4 fluctuations throughout the recording. It happens while recording and while listening to the playback. I hope I gave you enough information. Thanks, Joel
  2. While laying down a audio track (guitar) and also while listening to all the tracks after recording, the overall sound fluctuates between sounding a bit bassey to sounding more clear. It typically happens about halfway through the recording and at times will go from bass to clearer to bass again. This happens with all the tracks at the same time. Is it possible that the drivers aren't working properly? This did not happen when I was using Sonar, before changing over to Bandlab. Thanks for your time. Joel
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