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  1. Correct, thank you very much for your help. I think I also needed to check "configure as synth".
  2. Hi all, so I have been trying to use this VST and managed to run audio through it so I can trigger the effects by using my mouse, but what I cannot figure out is how to route it so I can trigger the effects from my midi keyboard. What I have found how other DAWs use is to either setup a bus and use that as a audio feed into Finger, which is then setup as vst instrument track, so midi comming from the keyboard trigger the effects. Another way used is there is an audio track with the loop used as the feed, on the same track is Finger as vst fx and that is triggered by a separate midi track which has an output set to that audio track's finger fx input...works for Cubase. But I didn't manage to do the same in Cakewalk. Say I have a simple audio track with and audio I want to use as a feed. I can put Finger as vst fx on that track, but it seems to be grayed out by default and when I turn the fx rack on, manually it lits up, the audio is coming through and I can trigger the fx by mouse (track needs to be running, thus feeding the audio, for that to work). But I cannot midi control it, because the inputs are only listing synth vsts outputs (on another tracks) and not a midi track. Or I tried to make a new instrument track with Reactor and Finger in it and used it's output to trigger the audio tracks fx input and that works also, but also only without midi triggering. I have my NanoKeys as an input in that instrument track, output is to Master out and in that audio track setup input as the output of the finger vst and when on that instrument track, thus having it focused, midi keyboard stil does not trigger anything. I am sure I am doing something silly stupid here, not seeing what. Could someone help me out? Maybe try to replicate and if it work for you describe how you set it up, so I can try that as well? I will try to attach a screen with the routing when I get home from work.
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