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  1. Hello scook, Thank you so much for the quick and helpful response. I decided to download cakewalk band lab and so far things are working out nicely. It is hard to believe that six years since I upgraded to XL. It is refreshing to know that you continue to support such a fantastic software product like Cakewalk I have been using the software for MANY years now and appreciate that the software is still being updated.. Kudos to you and the Cakewalk team! Musically yours, Stephen J. Souza Professional instructor at Fall River Arts Academy
  2. Has anybody had the issue of Overloud THU crashing in Sonar X3 Producer edition? I am able to add the THU plugin into Sonar X3 but when I open the cakewalk file it crashes. This issue is on my Dell laptop using Windows 10 with recent updates. The standalone version works with no problems. I have no issues on my desktop also running Windows 10.
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