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  1. Thanks so much for comments. Yes I hear what you mean about the volume. A bit silent at times! I think I will later some instruments and backing vocals to fill it out a bit more. Will also take on board those tips about eq. Thanks so much.
  2. A first draft of a new song here. Comments / critique very welcome! It's a short, positive song with a melancholy vibe. At least, that's what I was going for! https://www.bandlab.com/smashing_galaxy/reasons-to-smile-77798958 Sending good vibes. Cheers.
  3. Thanks all! The encouraging comments are really heartening. I will share more soon. Sending good vibes to you all.
  4. Ha! Lovely to meet you @Wookiee ! Thanks for your comments too. Yes, Simon and Garfunkel a very big influence on me. And also thanks to @garybrun and @kurt soderquist for your encouraging comments. I am working on some more material, so I will share on here once drafts are ready. :)
  5. Thanks for the fast reply. Very kind words. I'm working on a remix, and straightening out a few minor timing issues. The backup vox is just double-tracking; I've always been a fan of double-tracking! (Listened to a LOT of The Beatles). Cheers.
  6. Hi all. Some critique requested here please. My first effort at a solo track. "Time machine" - a simple, acoustic love song. With a bit of science fiction. Any comments welcome. (I'm not used to singing lead, so vocals are not perfect!). Cheers. https://www.bandlab.com/smashing_galaxy/time-machine-060bfae9?revId=77f67042-a933-eb11-9fb4-501ac5b31de6
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