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  1. ...the built-in plugins from FL, can you move them to Cakewalk? If so, how?
  2. Thanks, I believe one of the ASIO drivers is specifically for FL Studio (I have a free version I never got around to using). There were also sixteen for REAPER, which disappeared after uninstalling it. Changing to WASAPI Shared solved the problem, though it gave me a little bit of delay. Gess I'll have to deal with that one. Question: Can you import FL Studio's built-in plugins into Cakewalk? I was avoiding uninstalling FL because of that.
  3. Ok but it didn't solve the problem. Both sample rates were at 48000 and the problem persisted, actually giving me an error dialog this time.
  4. Didn't work. Device is set to 16bits, 48000 Sampling rate. Project was on 24 bits, made a new 16bit one to no avail.
  5. I know that, but it's not my problem. Cakewalk is unable to use devices being used by the system.
  6. I also couldn't find that setting. EDIT: Found it. Didn't solve the problem. Now the default devices don't show up on Cakewalk, only on the ASIO Panel.
  7. Damn, forgot to mention that one. I use ASIO, and also if I try to use different devices for input and output, audio is not recorded.
  8. I've been having a problem that is very unusual and I haven't found anyone else having it. Apparently, Cakewalk can't use any audio device that's currently being used by the system. I was trying to record from my interface and playback on my computer, but I wasn't able to do any of those because those devices were "already in use by other apps". I noticed Zoom running in the background so I closed it and restarted Cakewalk, to no avail. Turns out whatever recording or playback device is marked as default in my Sound Control Panel becomes unusable by Cakewalk. How do I solve this problem, apart from having to set different devices as default whenever I want to use Cakewalk? If this is not an issue it's a terribly annoying quirk that's not present anywhere else but Cakewalk.
  9. Hey there, I'm an absolute newbie to everything audio. I am using a cheap hybrid interface and mixer, the Staner MX 0402i, with an AKG P170 microphone, and apart from the very annoying quirk of not being able to use a device the system is already using (not another app, just the system) the mic input is very very quiet, to the point of having to turn the gain on the interface all the way up. The problem is: on other DAWs like Audacity the mic input is just fine, the interface's monitoring output (which I have been forced to use) is INCREDIBLY loud, but with all the gain Cakewalk gets a normal volume. I have the phantom power button pressed so that's not the problem. What should I do to not need all this gain? It's not supposed to be like that, since with Audacity and other programs that need audio (such as Zoom, I tested it there and it was just fine) it's just fine. I'm on windows, using ASIO.
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