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  1. They just had a BF 50% off all plugins sale.
  2. Does this still come with a Groove 3 membership?
  3. Macallan 18 year old but I can only afford the 12. Elevation Brewery First Cast IPA.
  4. Not one but 2 KTR Klons and a coveted original Cali 76!
  5. I have no idea. Bitflipper posted an Excel spreadsheet years ago that would find and list every plugin but it doesn't work for me anymore. I'll say less than Bapu but more than I used to have.
  6. When I was in your situation, I bought an old used U.S.A Peavey Fury P-Bass. I have no complaints.
  7. Hmmm... seems like there's an easy work around.
  8. bluzdog

    Da king is back!

    Welcome back Larry!
  9. That's because A aeolian is the 6th mode of C major. D dorian is the 2nd mode of C major. They're the same notes. When you play A minor over a D minor chord you're actually playing D dorian. Calling it A aeolian when playing over a D minor chord misses the point.
  10. I disagree, Dorian has a major 6th, Aeolian has a minor 6th. To me it's a very different sound.
  11. That depends on the context. Start a c scale on d over a d minor chord and it's definitely dorian.
  12. Cereal ballad Bapu 😁
  13. I think you mic the amp cabinet, route that to the tonex input, take the out from tonex to the amp input and tell tonex to do it's thing. That said I don't have Tonex, this is how it's done on the Quad Cortex which seems similar. Whatever you do make sure any tube amps have a load or cab hooked up so you don't cause damage to an output transformer.
  14. Nothing wrong with using other peoples captures of gear you know and love. That's what I'm doing with my Quad Cortex until I get my remodel done and get my studio space back.
  15. you can sign up for free without a subscription and still download GP tabs.
  16. My favorite feature is on the Fretboard view settings. Turn on the scale and select a scale/mode.
  17. Ultimate Guitar-> choose song->select Guitar Pro tab->scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Download Guitar Pro Tab button.
  18. @daveiv if you buy GP. Let us know. There's a lot of features that take up real estate on the main screen that take up real estate on the main screen that you won't need or use right away and there's an incredible selection of song tabs formatted for GP on Ultimate guitar for free but it's not obvious how to download them.
  19. Absolutely, if you don't mind reading tab. It can also display the tab on a virtual fretboard, slow it down, loop, etc. You can also go through a list of scales and modes and display them on a virtual fretboard.
  20. That's a good deal. I find it handy sometimes for working out tunes. You can download free guitar pro files from ultimate guitar. I have GP7, paid full price with no regrets.
  21. Ditto that, thanks for the heads up!
  22. Groove 3 is the only subscription service I like. I stopped buying videos from them because I have a subscription that I got with the Izotope MPS. Before that I would jump on and off the monthly plan if I needed to get up to speed on something.
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