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  1. Subscription only is more profitable in the long run. I won't be surprised if it ends up being subscription only. Insult to who? A multi million dollar business owned by a billionaire? If that's the case, I could care less.
  2. Silence is consent. I'm not the only person who thinks there will not be a perpetual license and this impression hasn't changed since the first announcement. If anything, it's just being reinforced considering the very first thing rolled out were subscription plans and when people ask about perpetual license pricing, they either get nothing or get non-answers. The ugly truth is better than a well dressed lie in this situation IMO.
  3. At the current moment, neither. Wait until they decide on a perpetual license price or decide it will subscription only and actually tell their userbase.
  4. Halion Sonic is free and can come with more than the usual GM library if you activate Dorico SE, which is also free.
  5. They can't because paid Sonar is not a brand new codebase, but rather the exact same codebase with some small changes here and there.
  6. That problem would be extremely reduced if some of the SONAR Platinum instruments which were owned by Cakewalk (like z3t4) were part of Cakewalk instead of ceasing to exist, especially when one of those was a soundfont player.
  7. I doubt they are. They don't even fix the bugs you are reporting, being more focused on telling you which content you can post or not in your channel about their product. Personally, I don't see as much overreacting as happened when the commercial change was announced. That happens simply because we never get concrete answers on anything. It's either a half answer or the answer is everything which what you ask isn't. And that gets old fast. I find strange a company can come up with a whole marketing and revamp of things like forums, product pages and the like and a simple thing like communicating to potential customers what their options are is a herculean task which takes several months and requires preparing the grounds several times for some reason.
  8. Those services would cost you more money than whatever pricing Sonar charges for a perpetual license if they do so. - I don't know about you, but fixes are not features unless they introduce new functionality which wasn't present before the fact. - While the tempo track could be considered a feature, it's only a repacking of the tempo map stuff which already existed. That's one way to put it, considering a lot of what Bandlab sells is subscription based before CbB went commercial. IMO, the Export Window with its weird selection quirks and functionality which lies to the user is a downgrade. Because they never had an answer when several people asked if there would be subscription plans. If the answer was "no" every single time, why wouldn't they say it? And why didn't they respond to criticism towards the whole subscription thing and locked both threads instead? That looks like more profit if you assume all those users will buy those perpetual licenses at the same time, which is very unlikely. Even if they did, that will net $40,000,000.00 once. Meanwhile, your less profitable subscription plan will net you $48,000,000.00 per year with the same users as long as they keep subscribed. And they're cheaper on the long run because having a steady flow of cash incentives stagnation, which will translate in lack of bug fixes and updates on the long run. Or they're gonna do the same thing Adobe does and simply do minor version updates which do nothing but increase system requirements for that piece of software and break backwards compatibility.
  9. Except it's hard to make that statement because there are no detailed release notes on what was fixed. The difference here is that Bandlab can force that onto their users because I don't think the current userbase is large enough to put any pressure on the company to force change. The whole argument of holding pricing information and never being direct when asked about that when it was first announced nowadays feels more like they were testing to see how users would react with a subscription only model and to cause people not content with that to jump ship early so Bandlab would be met with little resistance when they introduced a subscription only model. He was right. There are different subscription tiers, giving you three options. Considering the financial journey, I don't think we're gonna perpetual licenses. They don't provide the instant profit shareholders demand and fail to keep users tied to an ancient piece of software which hasn't received significant updates for the last 20 years.
  10. They were but you had to enter their Discord server in order to gain access to the beta software, which is why I don't consider it a "public beta." A public beta would imply anyone can download and test the software with no strings attached. That's strange and in no way helpful as the purpose of a beta is for bugs to be reported and fixed. I did do a quick YouTube search and there are at least three Next tutorials there. Considering the bugs you found as you were doing your videos, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't allow you to post them because of the bugs they didn't fix and that would be apparent in the videos. This whole Sonar/Next series of events is proving to be quite disappointing to say the least.
  11. MAGIX was a victim of being stuck in the 90s, much like MOTU with Digital Performer.
  12. I wouldn't put money on it based on how strange the whole interaction was when the commercial versions were announced. It was obvious they wanted to not be on the receiving end of the obvious discontent with the probability of the product being subscription only. I have serious reservations about companies which apply mushroom management (being kept in the dark and fed manure) to their users. Then they complain about people creating FUD when it's their fault for keeping information under wraps. I wouldn't be surprised if their current game is making people wait until they move on so they can perpetuate the subscription plan as the only available option.
  13. I wouldn't call it a 100% public beta test when you had to artificially inflate the figures of a Discord server in order to have access to it.
  14. Not only they should be crisp at all res, but also scalable at all res as well. As soon as you see someone moving for a format suitable for 4k panels, you seem to always lose the ability to either scale lower than 100% or you lose screen space because, as I mentioned before, the vector UI seems to be a change made for 4k users by 4k users with little to no consideration for other screen resolutions. And while you can technically use resolution scaling to put your monitor at 4k then scale it down to native res, you're gonna have worse results if you already start with poor readability. And to say this is not people nitpicking on changes because of preference, the UI changes implemented in Cubase 13 were similar to the Sonar ones and a lot of people complained about poor contrast and also citing visual impairments which made the interface hard to read. Though my main personal nitpick with the change to the vector UI is the 15% size increase. How is it not possible to maintain the exact same interface size from before when you have freely scalable graphics. And let's consider that CbB already had quite a bit of screen space lost to dock borders and such.
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