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  1. It's not weird. UAD's whole premise as a company was to compete against ProTools and its HD systems, much like SSL attempted and failed with their Duende system. Back when computers couldn't match the processing power of a well programmed FPGA. Once audio quality, processing and interfaces started catching up, UAD became the seller of expensive hardware tied to effects that had quality matched by others that didn't require a multi thousand dollar dongle or PCIe card. They know their plugins will not sell if they don't price them down. Plus they got their prior position of overpriced plugin seller tied to expensive hardware taken by Antelope.
  2. As much as Plugin Alliance is certainly deserving of some criticism in regards to their product model (selling features from plugins as a brand new plugin you have to pay for), their installation process is the most painless one you'll find. You don't have to use their product manager if you don't want to. If you do, removing a plugin is a simple matter of going where it is installed and deleting it. No spring cleaning on leftovers, no annoying uninstallers that sometimes don't even work and so on.
  3. My only gripe with those "coaching" type videos is the amount of disconnect with the scenario is very visible. It's like when you see someone with millions of subscribers making a video about their mental issues or similar. It feels less like a video for others and more like them wanting their huge fanbase to pat them on the back. This is one of the reasons why I stopped watching Produce Like a Pro. Not that I have anything against Warren personally and the material he produces, but he's clearly not speaking to me when it comes to topics he covers. It almost feels like flexing or someone trying to sell a product rather than genuine knowledge sharing like you get from Dan Worrall even when he's doing videos for FabFilter as a demonstrator.
  4. That's a lie right there. You don't get Drift with Live Lite.
  5. Yes. But it as a new user and you'll get a better discount.
  6. Or you could just use the Sonitus plugins, which look better than this and cost you nothing.
  7. There's probably some related thing which somehow links Dio Brando with Ronnie James Dio, but I stopped caring about Jojo long before I learned about the memes.
  8. I don't trust a studio which doesn't have a visible cable mess.
  9. After some consideration, I grabbed Unfiltered Audio's Sandman Pro which also gives you a copy of Instant Delay even with the voucher applied.
  10. I think I might pass on this one or grab one of the plugins which can be fully discounted with the voucher. Nothing offered really strikes my fancy as something I'd really want to spend money on.
  11. You'd think a 400 queso plugin would say least have some money invested in a more presentable user interface...
  12. Maybe they learned how to make plugins with Acustica.
  13. Now there's something I'm curious about. Some plugins from Elysia and SPL cost more than the discount but if you scroll all the way down, there are bundles which area listed as less than the price of a single plugin. Are these legit it is PA trying to pull a fast one on us? EDIT - The link for those has the word "monthly" in them, yet there's no mention anywhere apart from a sales blurb that this is a monthly subscription plan. And just found the small print in the very bottom. Considering this information is effectively hidden, I'm gonna go with PA trying to pull a fast one on some people.
  14. Sadly, one of the plugins which would be the crown jewel of the pack cannot be used properly in Cakewalk, as you don't have access to channel settings per plugin. Because of the 3 band crossover, this plugin has 8 outputs (2 main and 2 for each of the three crossover bands), but CbB only reports it as having 2. In order to make use of the crossover bands, you have to load the plugin inside a wrapper like Kushview Element. Then you'll have access to the remaining I/O.
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