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  1. Thanks guys, I'll consider both those. Cheers.
  2. Thanks everyone, it seems to be ok now. I'm not sure if it was a glitch or something, but I had to do some other stuff in Plug-in Manager, closed Cakewalk then reopened and everything was back. A slightly different configuration for the drop-down boxes but all there. Cheers..
  3. Thanks John, I'll have a look at your tutorials. Scook, I have now done a complete clean install of everything, still no SI showing anywhere. I've tried looking everywhere in the drop down boxes (manage layouts,sort by etc )but nothing, only cakewalk TTS-1 in general midi. I don't even have an "uncaterogised" option any more. Screen shot of Cakewalk on my laptop.
  4. Thanks Collin, but all add-ons have been installed, and updates done. Everything was there the last time I used Cakewalk, but now they're not.
  5. Hi, New to Cakewalk. Can anyone tell me why When i try to add a track I have no SI drums or anything on Cakewalk which is on my PC, but they are on the Laptop? Here's a screen shot of what's showing on PC. Cheers. Steve,
  6. Hi. I'm new to Cakewalk and Bandlab, and just wondering if it's possible to work on multiple devices? For instance, I mainly work on my PC but sometimes on Laptop, so is there a way I can work on the same project on both devices? Also Bandlab on Laptop and Android device? Cheers. Steve
  7. Hi John. No, you didn't waste your time doing that, it was very helpful. thankyou. Please understand, this is the first time I've tried using a DAW, normally I just use my Micro BR and sometimes audacity, and it's all a bit confusing at the moment. I was only trying to get sound coming out at the moment, the other stuff will come later. Cheers.
  8. Hi Stephen. I'm still having a few problems, mainly now finding out how to record anything only using virtual instruments, either no sound or not recording. I think I probably just need to find the tutorial or two. I've put this screen shot up showing where to find onboard speakers. There are a few other places, but I can't remember where they are yet untill I actually use them again🙂. If you look at the bottom of the control panel ( with the sliders) on the Left hand side you'll see "Spkrs HighDfn" . On the track boxes themselves, left hand side, under the little square boxes it's "SpkrsHg" A couple of boxes where it says "Master" can be switched to speakers as well. I hope this helps. If I work anything else out I'll post it here.
  9. Update. I have sound!!!!!!!!! I just have to make sure that all the in/out boxes are checked to speakers ------- there's some sneaky little whatsits in there😃. All I have to do now is learn how to use it. A long road ahead I think. Eventually I'll probably get round to hooking up midi keyboard etc, but just for now working solely with onboard stuff. Thanks again for all your input and help guys.
  10. Thanks again guys. I have watched tutorial vids but none explain how to sort this problem, and there's no point watching any more on how to use it until I've got some sound. It might all be no good anyway. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling because I know sometimes there can be a glitch that gets sorted doing that, but tried 4 times now and it gets to downloading 5/5 ---- then nothing! Nothing downloaded or installed, no error message, nothing. I know the first time I tried to install before it took me about 3 tries before it did it. If it still doesn't install this time, or I have the same sound problem I think I might just give up and try Waveform or something, but I really would like Cakewalk as it seems to be about the best and most comprehensive of the free programes. Oh well, just wait and see.
  11. I only put the drums up there to show what I was trying to get sound out of, and check there's nothing turned off that shouldn't be Scook🙂. It could be a faulty setup as I've no idea how to do it anyway. I'm using Windows Sound John, all new projects, I've only just downloaded and installed Cakewalk. What and where is the Master bus? Are there any other settings screens I can do a screenshot of and show you guys? I tried WASAPI ( both of them) both still nothing. I know I'm an old guy but I'm not normally this dim at sorting things out, but completely boggled at what I have to do here.😕
  12. Thanks Scook, nice simple explanation. Still didn't work though. That silent bus warning still comes up, and when I use the drums, as seen here, there's still no sound.
  13. Hi. I'm a pretty much a complete noob when it comes to DAW, and I've just installed Cakewalk. I don't have any MIDI instruments plugged in or anything, just trying to use the built-in virtual ones ( Drums,Keyboard etc) but I'm not getting any sound out at all. I get this Silent Buses message come up. I've attached screenh shots of various other driver/devices/playback settings for ref. Any help or insights very welcome. As simple as possible please, because I'm pretty simple😄
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