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  1. luna

    Snap MIDI Note To Grid

    I updated my version, and it seems to be working better now. Thanks everybody.
  2. luna

    Snap MIDI Note To Grid

    @Glenn Stanton. I tried that also, but it didn't solve it.
  3. luna

    Snap MIDI Note To Grid

    @ Nigel Mackay. Yes, I have snap to grid turned on but the notes still can be stretched beyond the gridlines. @John Vere. I suppose I could do that, but I'd like to edit individual notes precisely also. I was able to easily do this in previous versions of Cakewalk Sonar. Very annoying.
  4. luna

    Snap MIDI Note To Grid

    When I edit the duration of a midi note with the cursor in the piano roll view, it is not always snapping precisely to the grid line. I can pull the note slightly past a grid line so my midi notes end up not being exact. For example, I can stretch a note to 22:01:0006 when I am trying to stretch it to 22:01:0000 precisely. In my prior edition of Cakewalk, if I had the snap to grid set at a certain musical time, I could only stretch the notes to exact gridlines and not miniscule increments past and before the grid line. How do I make the note snap only to the gridlines? Thanks.
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