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  1. They gave away Sonible Balancer as part of Sound Collective back in 2020.
  2. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. It's still in alpha so I wouldn't use it as a daily driver for production. But it looks like it has plenty of potential.
  4. I got a pop up for Syntronik CS instead of EQ 81.
  5. They usually object to any form of copy protection.
  6. I thought they were up to RX9. Is it safe to update this?
  7. boxed

    JRV Remonster FREE

    There was a thread on GS about this company. If I remember correctly it's a different company but the DSP is by Tunca. They're based in Turkey. Kind of like how Fuse Audio also make plugins for other companies like BR and PA.
  8. boxed

    JRV Remonster FREE

    It's the from the same guy behind Analog Obsession.
  9. You can't sell the software without a license, so if you decide to sell the software you must include your license and the updates you bought with it. You actually don't own the software, what you own is the license. It's like that for all software not just music.
  10. It' s back at $79. They ended the sale early.
  11. No discount for the full Cableguys bundle that has Curve 2 synth?
  12. Is this a good replacement for Redmatica Autosampler?
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