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  1. https://universes.art/en/specials/john-cage-organ-project-halberstadt
  2. I back up nightly (technically at 3AM) to a Drobo (https://www.drobo.com/) using Acronis (https://www.acronis.com). I include all working directories (documents, samples, audio, video, pictures, etc.). Once a week or so, on a different computer, I manually run a sync of my backup directories on the drobo to AWS S3 (https://aws.amazon.com/s3/)--I used to have a script that did it, but it's only as reliable as my remembering to check that it ran anyway; it's just as easy to launch the script manually. Regarding your issue with cloud storage; If you only have a copy of your data at your house, even if it's in multiple places, you're screwed if your house burns down. I use S3 because I know the storage is in the U.S. (virginia to be precise)--and it's CHEAP! It takes some getting used to, it's not nearly as pretty as Dropbox. I used to try to keep a pristine image of my DAW using Acronis True Image so that I could just restore it without having to do any installs. I always had issues with the image getting so out of date that I'd have to reinstall almost everything from scratch anyway.
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