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  1. Thanks Promidi, I had tried that and it didn't help. Sunday I updated the drivers on my graphics cards and the problem went away. At least for an hour Sunday. I got back in the studio today, and it's been working for the past hour or so. I pray it keeps working. I wanted to update the driver for my audio interface, but found MOTU hasn't come out with a new driver for the ultraLite mk3, in 5 years. I went with MOTU because my experience was, they supported products for a long time. I wonder if at some point I have to use ASIO4all. Or face the cash register at sweetwater. Dave G.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply scook I tried that and it didn't work for me. in this project I have 1 instance of sample Tank, 5 Instances of RP, and 1 SI strings. All are working except 1 RP, and SI strings. I never import Midi files, The fun for me is playing them.
  3. I have been having this problem for some time now. My go to synth is Rapture Pro, and some times it will just go silent. Today i found if I freeze the track, I can see no audio, just straight lines. After un freezing the track will play normal, for the first pass. Playing it again, it goes back to silents. So I tried freezing, unfreezing, and freezing again. On the 2nd freeze,I can see the audio in the track and it will play fine. I tried this with SI strings and had the same problem, and same results results. I am using CbB Version 2020.5 build 039, 64bit windows 10 pro I have had the same problem with previous versions of CbB
  4. I don't get to this section of the forum to often. But reading this thread has reminded me why they don't allow politics or religion on the forum. I am passionate about both. But when it comes to food I say "eat and let eat".🍴
  5. Thank You, I like to keep a copy on my tablet, and read it at lunch. God bless Ya, Dave G.
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