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  1. synthnl

    Does CbB Support MPE?

    Well more and more VST's are supporting it, but I am fiddling now with a Roli Seaboard on a Deckard's Dream. Hard to play on the Roli I found out btw, but I'm practicing. To make it easier I alsojust ordered a HydraSynth that supports MPE with a polyphonic aftertouch keyboard. So it would be nice to be able to actually record what I play on them
  2. synthnl

    Does CbB Support MPE?

    Can someone answer this? Is MPE supported? Or are there plans to support it?
  3. And that was the solution :) Thank you very much. That saves me a lot of time.
  4. I tracked to problem to using multiple external inserts in this project. I am using external reverbs. When I use only one it works fine. When I enable a second one. Note start to drop. I hope you can solve this.
  5. Hello, I have been having strange problems with midi with this latest update. If I record some midi notes on a vst and play it back. It sometimes just skips notes? The next time I play it plays fine. But it keeps happening. Any idea? Or fix?
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