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  1. Again sorry, im a newbie to bandlab and hope this question hasnt been asked before, but i have a behringer X18 device i'd like to use for my input/output device with bandlab. i've downloaded the Asio files for X18 from Behringer and windows can see the device (as speaker 2). i was hoping that i could use the X18 for not only inputs to the software but also connect my powered monitors to the RCA outputs on the X18 for monitoring, rather than to the PC soundcard. i believe it have set the output on the bandlab correctly to the ASIO for X18 but have no audio going to the X18 via the USB lead. hoping that someone may have already had such a device connected and give me a tip or two to get this up and running, or advise me if what i'm trying to do aint possible cheers
  2. Hi All, new to Cakewalk bandlab so hoping someone can assist with question and excuse my ignorance. i'm just about to embark on mixing down about 6 multitrack song files on bandlab, all recorded by a 3rd party person. My question is that if i load song number 1 for example and spend the time eq'ing the drums, bass, vocal, adding effects, etc and do the mix down is there a way to keep those channel eq/fx tweaks for song 2, 3, 4 , 5 & 6. as the original recordings were done on the same instruments but need some final tweaks by me i was hoping that when i loaded the next song that the fixes/changes i made to instrument changes could by global across all the songs, rather than me having to tweak and fix each track of each song all over again ( hope this makes sense) ?
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