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  1. I removed some measures between verses of a song, and when I played it back, there was a vocal that was like an echo that continued 6 measures after the end of the track. I tracked it down to Melodyne at the track level, which was playing the vocal in its original position. I know Melodyne is wonky and can be completely undone by any track edits like trimming or splitting clips after adjustments are made, so I usually render any tracks with Melodyne right away, but I just switched to Cakewalk and was distracted by the learning curve, so I have active Melodyne on 3 tracks. Is there a way to move the Melodyne adjustments to line up with where the vocal is now without redoing it all? And Is there a setting in Melodyne or Cakewalk that would make changes in track arrangements take the Melodyne adjustments along with the arranger sections when they’re moved. I know Melodyne can be applied on the clip rather than the track, and hopefully I’ll remember to do that in the future, but if there’s a setting that would help prevent this from happening again and a way to fix the current problem, that would be helpful.
  2. Thanks! That's helpful. I also figured out that if I make sure only the single take is selected, I can copy out that take clip to another track without the whole stack.
  3. I recorded multiple looped takes, and I would like to be able to keep multiple takes as doubles. Is there a way to easily bounce all takes to tracks? or alternately to copy from specific takes to a new track without copying the whole take stack so I can comp multiple tracks from the same batch of takes simultaneously? I'd rather copy out each piece I like per phrase as I go, but if that's not possible, can you copy out a locked comp to another track, then unlock it and re-comp?
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