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  1. I increased the buffer size because when sampling through different synth sounds to find what I'm looking for, the sounds stop changing after a while due to a buffering issue and I have to wait a few minutes to for it to catch up. Sometimes it jumps to a completely different category of patches when that happens. I thought it might help to increase buffer size. Not sure yet.
  2. That was it! That solved the problem. Thanks!
  3. When I share my system audio through Zoom meetings, I can share stereo sound from Reaper, as well as other audio sources, but Cakewalk sound doesn't play through at all. I have the audio devices in Cakewalk set to my Focusrite i8 (inputs and outputs are both Focusrite USB ASIO Output/Input 1,3,5,7), and my system sound is set to the Focusrite. Driver Mode is ASIO. The Zoom session plays system sound when set to "Same as system" or to the Focusrite directly. The microphone plugged into the Focusrite works fine through Zoom. Reaper DAW sessions play fine. Only the Cakewalk sound doesn't play. Any suggestions? Audio settings attached.
  4. I have experienced this same thing with some virtual instrument plugins working on the midi track and some needing a feeder track, as well as patches switching to other random patches on their own. If you find a synth sound you like, bounce it ASAP, save the adjustments as a preset and even screen shot the settings because there's no guarantee that they'll be the same when you reopen the project. It's the most convoluted experience of working with virtual instruments I've ever seen. Experimenting with different synth plugins on one midi track is ridiculously cumbersome.
  5. I removed some measures between verses of a song, and when I played it back, there was a vocal that was like an echo that continued 6 measures after the end of the track. I tracked it down to Melodyne at the track level, which was playing the vocal in its original position. I know Melodyne is wonky and can be completely undone by any track edits like trimming or splitting clips after adjustments are made, so I usually render any tracks with Melodyne right away, but I just switched to Cakewalk and was distracted by the learning curve, so I have active Melodyne on 3 tracks. Is there a way to move the Melodyne adjustments to line up with where the vocal is now without redoing it all? And Is there a setting in Melodyne or Cakewalk that would make changes in track arrangements take the Melodyne adjustments along with the arranger sections when they’re moved. I know Melodyne can be applied on the clip rather than the track, and hopefully I’ll remember to do that in the future, but if there’s a setting that would help prevent this from happening again and a way to fix the current problem, that would be helpful.
  6. Thanks! That's helpful. I also figured out that if I make sure only the single take is selected, I can copy out that take clip to another track without the whole stack.
  7. I recorded multiple looped takes, and I would like to be able to keep multiple takes as doubles. Is there a way to easily bounce all takes to tracks? or alternately to copy from specific takes to a new track without copying the whole take stack so I can comp multiple tracks from the same batch of takes simultaneously? I'd rather copy out each piece I like per phrase as I go, but if that's not possible, can you copy out a locked comp to another track, then unlock it and re-comp?
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