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  1. Thanks for getting back quickly. These are my choices for audio input attached. I have the guitar into TRS input (it double up as XLR as well on the focusrite). When you say it should be set to INST, do you mean on the hardware or software? I thought if choosing an audio track it would already be set to pick up from hardware via the chosen track. (sorry not done this in a while). Not tried a mic as yet but would use SM58 so won't need phantom power.
  2. Hi All, I have never used cakewalk before but used to mix and record on Protools about 10 years ago! I inherited a new computer and thought I would see if I could record some songs. The issue I am having is I can't seem to get a decent level into the software from my interface. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett18i8 and I have a PC with windows 10. Even with the gain up full on the hardware I get a low lvl in to the software. This is just plugging a guitar, bass or mic straight in. Can only hear it OK if I Normalize it , which is obviously not how I want to record. Could this just be because I need to get a half decent sound card basically or should I still be able to get a good lvl in regardless? Thanks in advance...
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