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  1. Using Breverb I wasn't recording automation, instead I only added wetness and dry envelopes and edited them accordingly and playback changes. I'd also try to make changes in real-time slightly ahead of the audio play position.
  2. Excellent Noel! Thank you for the heads up! It's good to hear clarification on weather it was Cakewalk or the plugin. Recording was fine for me but Cakewalk would simply lose sync if I made any adjustment to the envelope or slider in Breverb and would only play the effect position/level that was set last. Because this is Breverb for Cakewalk will it get a bugfix or should it be replaced? I wonder if the Full Breverb plugin from overloud.com would work any different. Thank you.
  3. On my side enabling and disabling read/write doesn't seem to get Breverb to jump back into the envelop levels.. I've tried doing that on playback, stopped, on the Breverb plugin itself and on the Track although I haven't tried it on the console yet. I read in my inbox you are getting similar problems, thanks for adding it to the bug Que., it's been extremely difficult to create accurate effect changes.
  4. Enabling/disabling write doesn't change anything and I don't use many hotkeys at all so I'm not sure which one that would be. Maybe you would like to take a look at my config file? is it the AUD.INI specifically? If you can look in my inbox i've shared a video what it's doing.. I've sent you an invite.
  5. I'd love to see AAF support! I work with BM Resolve Studio and now some other audio tools and would find it helpful to speed up workflows.
  6. Hi on the link I've shared, another user shared their project and msmcleod replied on April 28 and stated that they were able to reproduce the problem. My project is extremely large.. I could share the project without the audio and you could add your own audio files. would that work for you? Question, in your project is that from a fresh Cakewalk install or has it gone through updates? I'm thinking that the project may have been corrupted through at least one of the updates. - sent you the pm of the project file.
  7. This last update seems to have corrupted the envelope automation and or a clip lane that was switched to gain edit. I've shared more info on another thread. Other users are reporting the same. Cakewalk is unusable if this doesn't get a fix and it sounds like a problem that has been happening since april so not sure how far back I'd have to go with a rollback since I think there have been a couple updates in between I think and I haven't been working on envelope automation for a while.
  8. @msmcleod I have the same problem, wasn't sure if it was the plugin I'm using (Cakewalk Breverb version) or Cakewalk. As soon as I play with any of the sliders automation is broken. The only way I can get it to work is restarting the program. It writes automation fine, it just can't cope with someone making changes. I did have a prior issue with a take lane.. somehow an envelope merged in a clip lane that I was editing gain on. When that happened I could no longer edit the audio (the take lane toggle button no longer works on the specific track) . Luckily I was able to copy the audio into a new track but I manually had to create the sends and copy over tons of custom envelope and paste them into new envelopes. But the other problem is the automation -it loses connection. Maybe the issue with automation is somehow interconnected with lane code and fights to be on an clip lane vs envelope lane. I guess Binney Stone above me is also having a similar issue. I'm also using the latest Cakewalk update.
  9. waves nx was looking hopeful but it's the same issues it has no surround support for Cakewalk https://www.waves.com/plugins/nx#tab-tech-specs|tab-supported-hosts
  10. This maybe ideal if dearVR Monitor cannot be integrated and so far it can't unless someone can correct me, perhaps show how they have it working. This would be amazing because you may not own a surround sound speaker system, multichannel audio card or you are mobile but you need to work on your surround mixes and perhaps you need to do it while others are sleeping or you just want to save some money on your electric bill, skip blasting you speakers -for a few hours lol I've made the suggestion to dearVR that maybe they can Sponsor some Cakewalk development if they want customers from Bandlabs user base to create the compatibility.. if not I really hope Bandlab will accept this request to build their own solution.
  11. That's what I thought too but there is no multi channel connectivity (tabs missing) that works with all the channels on dearVR it seems. If I apply dearVR pro to the surround bus multichannels config tabs do show and show they are connected on the surround tab only as shown in the attached image. Either added as a track effect with the track connected to a surround bus or surround bus alone I cannot access any features accept one binaural output, everything else it greyed out and it shouldn't be. In the dearVR manual they specifically call out Cakewalk as having hardware limitations. As it was explained to me, dearVR music/Pro is a 3D panner that produces a binaural sound and can export that 3D sound either binaural stereo audio file or as multichannel through the DAW for other channels if the DAW's track is multichannel but if you use dearVR Monitor you can additionally assign all your channels in the plugin and have the audio downmixed and matched in binaural form and hear reference rooms/venus to get an idea what your listeners would hear in those environments. dearVR specifically calls out Cakewalk "Due to restrictions within these hosts, no multichannel or Ambisonics outputs are available." page 46 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0120/4748/2938/files/dearVRpro_Manual_v1.4.1_rev4.pdf?v=1591283987 A track with surround output doesn't quite become an actual surround track, the audio just seems to get sent to the surround bus. You can see that when a surround output is added to a track it keeps stereo LED bars compared to a surround bus which is given multi-channel LED bars even though you can control the sound with the 3d panner in the track. Maybe I should just request MultiChannel to Binaural Listening mode for headphones.
  12. Hi I've purchased some plugins from dearVR and unfortunately Cakewalk is a bit behind other DAWs in this category and isn't fully compatible. I'd really love to see Cakewalk's functionality be current with the newer audio plugins. There are a few other DAWs that currently do this but buying another DAW, the learning curve might just kill me at this point as I've been heavily invested with Cakewalk since Pro Audio 9. Perhaps a smart way to do this is to be able to drag and drop a speaker preset from Cakewalk's preferences or while a track is selected and a preset chosen just hit apply but allow the option for a custom preset in preferences. You already have most of the infrastructure ie; multichannels & speaker assignment options, they just need the option to be merged as a track and the speaker settings in preferences is no longer the speaker output but a preset selection to apply to different tracks. I work mostly with multichannel and makes a big difference even listening with a stereo headset but the new plugins can now downmix multichannel audio into binaural to monitor multichannel audio on your headphones with greater sophistication/outputs than your hardware would normally allow and provide reference listening environments to get an idea what your multichannel mix might sound like like in a car, Van, kitchen, Venu etc! Please make this happen! Thank you
  13. That makes more sense especially using a stereo headset lol but have you used Sonar to config your multi channel speakers to work with dearVR monitor? Thanks for your help. Lastly in the manual it states to apply the plugin to the Master Bus.. I don't know if the master bus can extrapolate speaker config information to create the virtual monitoring environment. I'll download it and see what it can do anyway.
  14. Is dearvr monitor actually fully compatible with Sonar? can you configure your Sonar multi channel speaker project to work with dearVR montor? or does it only up mix a stereo bus and emulate multichannel audio on headphones?
  15. It does sound good with headphones better than sonitus for SS but there are problems and I've explained in detail at the bottom of the previous page..
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