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  1. hi guys do you know how to route/map/program 1 midi cc to multiple midi cc? is that even possible without external program? what I mean is let's say when I send midi cc 60 with value 127, it will trigger midi cc 60 with value 127 and midi cc 120 with value 0
  2. sorry for the earache
  3. hey everyone I hope you are all doing well, just a little useless project t I guess, I'm planning to make hand-drawn symbol recognizer (machine learning thing) but I need your help to get the data, if you guys have free time I would be happy to take your help the process is easy, 1. you sign up to the website ( I know this is annoying for some people, but I want to credit everyone who has contributed to this project) , 2. go to feed menu and draw, after that you have to choose which symbol you have drawn (tho currently it only has 2 classes which means only 2 symbols, but I would love to add more when I have free time and also if you have suggestions please let me know ) 3. and click feed (that's it) disclaimer (it was not meant to be mobile-friendly website, and designing ui is not my thing and I'm not very good at javascript since I used to code in python, and javascript and python syntaxes are very different from each other, so I apologize for the cluttering interface and web design ) if you interested, you can visit fmented.pythonanywhere.com cheers, stay safe and creative Record_2020-08-01-17-55-37.mp4
  4. but I spent at least 1hour to make the python script
  5. take a second or 2, it was just 1 track
  6. holy sh... this is really awesome
  7. haha, it sounds very very very bad, it's terrible
  8. show me your piano roll art btw I wrote a python script to make this
  9. Thanks @Wookiee I will check it out
  10. Thanks for your suggestions Mark, have a great day
  11. Sure I will make it longer if I can find a good singer for this song
  12. Thank you so much guys for the feedbacks I have terrible ears when it comes to drums especially cymbals and hihats, as a guitarist to me they sound just okay 😂, but I would love if you can share your experience, I mean like EQ and Compression techniques on cymbals, I know some people will suggest me to use my ears but really they are sounded okay to me haha, I'm using Addictive Drums 2 and of course I did tweak the preset a little bit. Oh ya about video export, sure I will check that out later, I bought Hitfilm Pro on humble bundle a few months ago but I haven't really experimented with it Again thank you so much for the feedbacks I really appreciate it Cheers and stay safe everyone
  13. Have a great day everybody, stay safe Oh ya I also made a video of this track here Enjoy
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZKbmFINVX4 Any suggestions would be great Nice day everybody
  15. Just a short Intro, maybe I'll make it a full song someday. Thanks to my friend Grace from Thailand. I was depressed for last few months and she always cheer me up. I made this for her basically. Mixes still need some tweaks especially on drum track. It always difficult to me to get separation. I don't know what do you call it. It would be great if you guys can give me a suggestion, criticism, advice or any feedback. Nice day everybody
  16. Thanks guys for your input and help 👍 Hopefully I can do better next time.
  17. Omg this is so annoying, sorry for inconvenience guys. I just re-upload it to SoundCloud. Thanks for your criticism guys.
  18. Sorry guys, I just edited the link, Something went wrong on bandlab app I think. I also can't open it right now, so annoying. Sorry guys
  19. You are the man, this song is about 1 minute, but I think you take 2-3 minutes to wrote this, thank you very much for listening, for sugestion, and detail review. I have a hard time eq ing the guitar parts because I only use acoustic guitar in this song, actually I have a solo for this song but its difficult to play on acoustic guitar, at least I found it hard to tapping on acoustic guitar. Btw thanks for wasting your time 😂
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