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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZKbmFINVX4 Any suggestions would be great Nice day everybody
  2. Just a short Intro, maybe I'll make it a full song someday. Thanks to my friend Grace from Thailand. I was depressed for last few months and she always cheer me up. I made this for her basically. Mixes still need some tweaks especially on drum track. It always difficult to me to get separation. I don't know what do you call it. It would be great if you guys can give me a suggestion, criticism, advice or any feedback. Nice day everybody
  3. Thanks guys for your input and help ๐Ÿ‘ Hopefully I can do better next time.
  4. Omg this is so annoying, sorry for inconvenience guys. I just re-upload it to SoundCloud. Thanks for your criticism guys.
  5. Sorry guys, I just edited the link, Something went wrong on bandlab app I think. I also can't open it right now, so annoying. Sorry guys
  6. You are the man, this song is about 1 minute, but I think you take 2-3 minutes to wrote this, thank you very much for listening, for sugestion, and detail review. I have a hard time eq ing the guitar parts because I only use acoustic guitar in this song, actually I have a solo for this song but its difficult to play on acoustic guitar, at least I found it hard to tapping on acoustic guitar. Btw thanks for wasting your time ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Thanks for taking your time Harry, very nice and spesific criticism, I'll try it. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. FMented


    I like it, nice guitar track, well mixed
  9. Thanks for feedback Rik, I think I should copy-paste some instrument and add a little bit variation on drum and guitar track to make it longer so people can do something with it
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