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  1. You are the man, this song is about 1 minute, but I think you take 2-3 minutes to wrote this, thank you very much for listening, for sugestion, and detail review. I have a hard time eq ing the guitar parts because I only use acoustic guitar in this song, actually I have a solo for this song but its difficult to play on acoustic guitar, at least I found it hard to tapping on acoustic guitar. Btw thanks for wasting your time 😂
  2. Thanks for taking your time Harry, very nice and spesific criticism, I'll try it. Thanks 😉
  3. FMented


    I like it, nice guitar track, well mixed
  4. Thanks for feedback Rik, I think I should copy-paste some instrument and add a little bit variation on drum and guitar track to make it longer so people can do something with it
  5. Hi all. I just opened bandlab app on my phone and I think it's interesting where you can collaborate with somebody to make a song. BTW I got a track, would you guys help me to make it an actual song or just leave me a feedback because I still learn how to mix. Here's my track https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/e29ff012-91b2-e911-bcd0-2818789a0161
  6. Do you mean this stupid diagram? (made with paint) lol.
  7. hey guys what keyboard shortcut do you use ? besides shortcuts that was listed here http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=KeyboardShortcuts.html I made cheap programmable keyboards by following this tutorial http://mitchtech.net/arduino-usb-hid-keyboard/ and it works. the problem is I'm using 2 old ps2 keyboards, which means I have 208 programmable keys and 104 keys haven't programmed yet. so I ask you guys If you interested you can use my code https://github.com/fmented/PS2Macros
  8. FMented

    Not a song

    Good idea, but if i add them, it would be sounds like a song lol
  9. FMented

    Not a song

    It's not a song
  10. No, I mean customize its color and text color, because for me that color scheme wasn't contrast enough.
  11. Hi guys, I have a small request, can you guys please add a way to customize note map pane in drum grid pane, just to make it easier to see, I mean it's supposed to be a drum pane, not drum pain. I apologize if it was too offensive, it's a joke. Cheers
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