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  1. Sorry, I neglected to be more descriptive of my setup, which probably would have helped. I am using a Scarlett 18i8 for my audio interface. It wasn't obvious how to get the master to send to the Reastream plugin within Cakewalk, so I may not have that set up correctly. I attached some screenshots showing what I did. I tried to mimic what I saw in the Youtube video about adding the plugin, but I did not see Reastream as an option for the master output which is how they did it in the video. The only place that I saw a way to add Reastream was through the FX box on the master channel. Is this correct, or is there another way to do this? It seems to have worked though since I was getting the audio to come through to OBS, just without the effects. I'm not sure what you mean about having exclusive control set to off in the IO... is that a setting in Cakewalk? In the meantime I will try the software you linked to above and see if that gets me where I need to be. Thanks! *Edit: I just went in quickly to make these screenshots today, I realized I it shows it is set to RECEIVE audio... when I was working on this before I definitely had it set to SEND.
  2. I am trying to use the audio from Cakewalk as my audio input in OBS. I did some googling/youtubing which led me to download Reastream. It is working to an extent -- I am able to send the audio from Cakewalk to OBS, but it is only sending the raw signal with none of the effects I have on it in Cakewalk. I have been playing around with it for a few hours to try to figure out what I'm missing, and I keep coming up short. If anyone out there knows what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate all the help I could get!
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