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  1. Thanks Greg, I have the MX61 and the MX88. I`ve been wanting to use this for a while. It`s appreciated!
  2. I had a brand new MOTU UltraLite-mk4 out of the box about 2 months ago. I had problems similar problem with channel phasing, noise and popping. My mouse was bleeding thru , lots of audio issues. The right was playing but the left was phasing in and out. I could run all the GUI/mixer stuff, no problems there. From the GUI I could reset all factory defaults and re-initialized the MK4. Still, bad audio out. But, I had no problem communicating with my MK4. It was so bad I thought for sure the unit was defective. I even took the power supply to work and spec `d it out on a scope. To finish my story, the USB cable that came with the unit, in the box, had a incomplete ground from the computer to the MK4. I checked it out with my meter at work, and sure enough it was open! The ground (shield) did not make it to both sides. There is an internal ground for the USB +/- differentials pairs, but the (shield) ground was my culprit. I grabbed another cable, It works flawlessly now. MOTU had great customer service and answered every question as we debugged this problem. They were surprised it was the frigggin USB cable too! The cable came from MOTU. good luck
  3. My main rig still uses a 12 year old Motu MKIII Firewire with my new Intel i9900 and Asus Motherboard. My AMD rig uses 6i6 2nd gen from Focusrite (USB type 2). I like Motu`s 2 newest USB type C interface audio interfaces . Their M2 2x2 ($169) or the M4 4x4 ($219), both have MIDI, but are USB type C. I still use SPDIF for down streaming mixes, so I`m waiting to order the M4 4X4. Otherwise I would have one right now. Depending on your PC, you might want to add a PCIe to type C USB adapter card. Luckily I have USB type C on both of my new PCs. I found this looking for a better cable answer. https://www.amazon.com/MOTU-M2-USB-C-Audio-Interface/dp/B0812B26TN From Amazon reviews: "what type of USB cable is included?" "USB C goes into the back of the unit, regular USB A to the computer. It works great!!"
  4. Based on your comment, I will re check my 6i6 tonight when I get home. I`ll check and see if there is an update for my 2nd gen 6i6. My Win 10 AMD PC has my Focusrite 6i6 attached. Unfortunately, my i9900K PC and Motu firewire MK III doesn`t play well with the latest Win 10 updates. Good news is, CbB sees the Motu card, so all my music work is still on going. But windows doesn`t see the Motu since the last Win 10 update. I have to use the on board sound chip inside my Yahama MX88 for windows audio to get thru to my monitors. The last set of Win 10 updates are making things difficult for me over the last few weeks. UGH! 😒
  5. Not sure if this is what your looking for : Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot Controller: Comes with a GUI interface to assemble and send multiple MIDI commands. I use one in my studio during guitar tracking. I got a good deal on mine at the time. I liked programmable features. It`s been very useful.
  6. I just finished installing WIN 10 pro on my new i9900k with 64G of memory. These new motherboards for the i9900K series CPUs will only load Win 10 from a fresh install. I am 3 days into the new OS and have been impressed. I don`t hardly notice anything as far as bloatware. In fact, compared to my other win 10 AMD machine I built 2 years ago, this install was closer to feeling like a win 7 PC. My main screen looks and feels like Win 7. I was like wow! I recently downloaded the latest (6-18-19) USB boot drive from MS, things went very well. I had to reinstall everything from 8.0 Sonar thru X 1 2 3, and even platinum. A big thanks to Meng for keeping the older Sonar web site active. Everything I pre owned was still downloadable even using the previous "command center app". I had no problems with serial numbers or activation. I`ve been running Bandlab every day since day 1 and have been doing every update. For a quick test of the i9900K CPU I loaded 40 tracks of Ozone 8 adv, vocalsynth2, Insight, Nectar, Alloy2, Prochannel Bverb2, Concrete Limiters, Gloss EQs, channel console emulations, Sonitus Delays and 1 instance of Addictive drums2. This pushed the CPU performance meters to 65% across all 16 threads. No overclocking of the CPUs and were running at 3.1Ghz. This weekend I plan over clocking to 5GHz and running a fresh install of the latest Melodyne Studio I very much recommend moving into Win 10 with the latest USB boot drive from MS. I think any Win 7 users would be pleased. I was still using Win 7 until last night.
  7. I`m loving it! Thanks guys. Greatly appreciated. Lots of details.
  8. I have a 25 key Alesis (older version) with drums pads and faders (less than$70 usd). I also have a Korg triton 25 key controller with sounds, drum pads and lots of DAW features ( good prices for those features). They have playable sounds, so latency does not need to be a problem when playing. My main studio axes are: MX49 from Yahama for lightning fast synth scales, and just upgraded to a MX88 graded hammer with the same sound set as the MX49 to replace my S-08. Both use the same editor. But no so cheap. korg nanokontrol studio looks very cool, I might get one too! ($150usd)
  9. What an amazing twist of fate for our DAW. Meng was so gracious and I respect his passion for the music. I have recommended so many others talented friends and youngsters to his Cakewalk by Bandlab. Happy 1st anniversary! and many more to come.
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