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  1. Thanks - both of you. Both work. I'm going for the "Do Nothing" option! Problem Solved!
  2. Solved! Hi there, (Sonar Platinum) I really would like to disable the E hotkey that bypasses all FX. I know how to assign my own hotkeys and have quite a few of my own in place, but I can't seem to get the "E" disconnected from that "bypass all FX" button. Can someone walk me through how to do this one? Maybe I'm just missing something about the ones that are built in? Even if it's a registry tweak I'm willing to try it. Thanks!
  3. Sent 4th Yes. That button is turned on and is Green with a check mark in the green. I had to come back here from a book mark that I made to see that you replied. Ahhh ... I think I got it. GMail was flagging this forum as spam. Will wait and see, Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Email notification on watched / followed topics is not working here at the new forum also. Settings are correct in my profile. How can I fix this?
  5. An other vote for Macrium Reflect Free Version. Changed to Reflect when Acronis (both software and support) failed miserably. I have an old school DOS xcopy .bat file to backup any changes to projects folders and sample libs. to and from 4 PCs.
  6. X3 does have "snap to" in the Controller view and it is also able to be disabled / enabled by typing an "N" when in the PRV. Of course it doesn't look the same as in the newer PRV. CBB is the same, in that you can disable / enable "snap to" in the controller lanes by typing an "N" which also works for notes. The value that I see in snapping controllers to the grid is that it saves visual space and is more easily edited in some instances. If you're recording your controller data real time with a keyboard it will not snap to the grid. If you already have controllers in the wrong place then type an "N" to disable snap and then use the move tool when holding down Shift and you can easily move them to before the note without loosing their vertical value. "V" (Invert view) seems to have been removed because of the new PRV design. The work around is mouse oriented but functional, but I agree the older PRV was more hot key effective. Also, Creating Filters is something you should look at. I'm still doing all of my serious work in Sonar Platinum ... the version just before the new PRV was introduced, and I still have X3 installed also, but I'm attempting to use CBB to see if I can get used to the new PRV. A Time+ hot key doesn't seem necessary to me. If I ever have to use it for larger values I just click in the box, hit ENTER and then type in my guess like 32, 64, 80, 100 etc. and then as I hear it getting close I refine the choice.
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