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  1. There are also hot keys to go to previous marker and go to next marker.
  2. It seems to me that just dropping Markers like V1 B1 CH1 V2 B2 CH2 would solve the whole problem and the markers would be in sync in PRV.
  3. Copy Special will allow you to copy automation envelopes also.
  4. Thanks Jack, I've had latency mon for about a decade or more.
  5. Funny story about newer is better. Google speech to text on Android - the original version (green button) responds correctly to "new paragraph" and does a double space immediately. The newest (blue button) version has no clue to this command - and yet the newest version is a forced download without user consent and will update quickly after every time I nuke it. The only way to get back to the green button version is to disable the Google app - forcing a reset to the factory installed version - then re enable the app. Back to nVidia - when the official nVidia driver is installed it runs at least 1 or 2 extra processes called nVidia Container. Not so with the MSFT supplied driver. The last time the nVidia driver for my card was updated was in 2017 but to know for sure I'd have to install the nVidia control panel which is bloat ware. So, thanks for the confirmation about 3D. I can put that one to rest and get back to other things! I, usually never update anything unless I see a user perk associated with the update. I have CbB installed - who wouldn't out of curiosity - but my main DAW is still Sonar Platinum (final good PRV) Version: 2017.01 ( ) I still can't get the newer PRV design to work as quickly as 2017.01 because of lost hot keys, moved MSR buttons, and probably a few other issues, .... yea ... filter this! ... and the CbB PRV also doesn't "look" as well defined as 2017.01 when it comes to colors. Anyway, thanks for the confirm on the 3D. Much appreciated.
  6. I'm more of a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" person. I won't assume that the newest nVida driver is better than what I already have ... that is working perfectly. I was just hoping someone to confirm that 3D is not even happening on my PC.
  7. Thank you both. Also, I discovered what intel virtualization technology is and that there's no need for it and it won't give any boost to performance.
  8. So, I *do* have an nVidia card, ... a GeForce GTX 750 Ti ... but on my audio OS I am using the Microsoft driver that auto installed and it's working fine. I don't have nVida control panel installed as it can be sneaking around in the background, as I've found on other OS builds. So I'm going to guess that I don't have any 3D settings available or even running and that I'm probably better off not installing the nVidia control panel to find out. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I just upped to Windows 10 pro and am seeing slightly less power (than Win 7 pro) when it comes to low latency without crackles. My typical project is a lot of Kontakt instruments, like Spitfire Symphony Orchestra in 3 instances of Kontakt 5, and that will be what will put me into some crackles if I try to run at 2.9 MS. So, I'm looking for ways to get a tiny bit of power back. Does anyone have any thoughts on intel virtualization technology? ... on or off? Also, how about disabling Windows indexing and search? Thank you! Steve
  10. Hi there, Just wondering if over clocking my i7-2600k - (32 GB of DDR 3 at 1600) will give me any noticeable performance gain - i.e. lower latency with no crackles with projects that are mainly Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 and fairly heavy with Spitfire Symphony Orchestra. Example: 3 instances of Kontakt 5 for SSO. 1 instance of K5 for percussion (old instuments - not very needy ) 1 instance of Kontakt 6 running Cremona Quartet. I'm currently in final mix stage of 3 projects that are using this orchestra layout and SSO is using all 3 mic positions most of the time, and in the heaviest of the 3 movements I'm running at 1,024 Samples / 23 MS and usually have to freeze and unfreeze 2 instances of Kontakt, when needing to go back to midi to make changes, to keep things running easily. So, I'll have usually the K6 instance rendered to audio and 2 K5 instances rendered to audio. I'm using pro channel EQ and console emulation on all audio tracks and only a few other plugins like 2 reverbs and 2 multi-band compressors. I generally understand over clocking and the risks and what to watch out for so no need for cautions there. I guess the question really is, how much does a higher CPU clock speed contribute to low latency performance in a situation like this? Thanks! Steve
  11. I'm not sure of a program but it sounds like you're looking for a some software that does batch operations.
  12. For the way I work, the new PRV is a big slow down in work flow. If it works for others then great. No need to discuss it further. If you're really curious find some of my old posts about it.
  13. Nothing to loose other than a very functional PRV. (snort) Anyway I found the issue. The Read Automation Button was only Half Lit. Click it Off all the way then click it back on and it's fully lit and low reads what I now assume as secondary automation like sends. So ... problem solved.
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