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  1. Thanks for your response. Not a dumb question, but the answer is no. Also, checked the loudness by adding the loudness metering on the imported song's track.
  2. I've recently switched to CW and I like it really much. Now with my first project I'm having some trouble with volumes. I've mixed and mastered a song the same way I've always done with other DAWs (tracks to buses, buses to mix bus, mix to master, EQ's, suitable compressing for tracks and buses, etc = "the usual"). The mix sounds balanced and the EQ curve is similar to my reference track. When I make my final adjustments to volume (using LoudMax) and set it to around -14 LUFS (integrated) with -1 as true peak max, I first noticed that the volume of the exported file (mp3 or wav) is quite low compared to professionally mastered songs. Then I decided to make a test by importing a couple songs into the project (used e.g. a RHCP song) and I was baffled that it was hitting - 6 LUFS (integr.). What am I not seeing here? Are there some settings I've not noticed? Is my mastering complete shite? Why are the imported songs such louder than the usual "target value"?
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