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  1. You are a GENIUS!! Turns out if I mute either the left fader or the right fader then it sounds perfectly fine!! THANK YOU!! I'll try to explain as best I can what's going on with the Direct/USB Knob: - Outside of Cakewalk, I do hear the mic when the knob is turned towards Direct, however the loudest volume of the mic isn't when the knob is all the way to the Direct end - but about 80% there. - Within Cakewalk, (and when I'm live recording while listening to a track output), both tracks will increase in volume when turned to the Direct end. But, as I mentioned above, the loudest sound happens when the knob is turned about 80% to the Direct end. There's no sound AT ALL when the knob is actually turned all the way to the Direct end). When turning the knob toward the USB end, both tracks decrease in volume, and I can't hear either the mic or the track. So, in short, the blend knob doesn't actually increase/decrease each track independently, but rather increases both or decreases both.
  2. And as I have mentioned a few times as well, even during a LIVE input through the audio interface, turning the blend track does NOT blend the live mic input with the audio output. Turning the blend knob to the right or left only increases the volume of both tracks or decreases the volume of both tracks.
  3. Yes, I can hear the mic without cakewalk. Interesting!! But, I never had a problem with recording input. Just the output sounds bad, and the USB/Direct knob wasn't blending...?
  4. Wouldn't the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 be comparable to what I have since it has 2 inputs...?
  5. Yea, I have no idea what's going on! Thank you for trying though! I bought the interface online, but I think I can return it. I've tried contacting M-Audio's customer service, but so far no response from them, although I did just find out that there's an M-Audio forum, so I'll try there as a last resort. I've seen that the reviews for the Focusrite interfaces are much better, would that be something that works better for me, you think? There' doesn't seem to be any driver incompatibilities etc...
  6. Like I said, with every track I import, the echo is there, unless I change the Interleave to Mono. All of these tracks are actually in Stereo, but even when I've opened new projects, with an empty template, basic template etc. the sound doesn't change unless I change it on the Console view to Interleave: Mono. In regards to the USB/Direct knob: Even while I'm recording it still only acts as a volume knob. I've even set my gain at 9/10 giving my mic a greater input but that hasn't changed anything either.
  7. I did watch your video, thanks for doing that! That is how it's all set up though... But in terms of the Stereo vs. Mono: The imported track IS stereo, but for some reason only plays with good quality when put into Interleave Mono. When it's in Stereo it becomes metallic-y and echo-y. I've tried many tracks (which I know for a fact ARE stereo tracks), but it only plays back right when put into Interleave Mono.
  8. Here is my console view, so I'm not sure if there's anything in there that needs changing? I've also found that when both recording, and on playback, that the sound will just disappear at random times. Nothing will be changed, and there won't be an audio engine dropout or anything, (the track will keep "playing", but it will all go silent...
  9. Even while I'm recording it only acts as a volume knob. I've even set my gain at a 9/10 giving my mic a greater input but that hasn't changed anything either. I used the basic template.
  10. I fixed one problem!! By changing the Interleave-Stereo to Interleave-Mono it plays the track normally! No more metallic or echo sounds!! Now I just gotta figure out the USB/Direct knob issue!
  11. I just started this thread on Sunday, so definitely not since November! I'd still like to figure this out ASAP though! I did answer your question, maybe you didn't see my response to it? Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean by "faders of each track". I've been going into the Console and adjusting the volume of both tracks, but that hasn't made a difference. Is that what that is? And there's definitely no effects. I've bypassed them all too, to be sure.
  12. The possibility of phasing does make sense! But the same thing occurs when I set the tracks to go to the same destination (such as the AI as the output).
  13. In short, I still have 2 problems: 1. Metallic sounding imported tracks 2. USB/Direct knob blending not working In regards to # 1, Yes, all imported music tracks sound fine when played outside of Cakewalk (or within Cakewalk on a different driver than ASIO). However, with ASIO set as the driver, imported tracks sound metallic when sent to the AI output AND Master output. The recorded track from the AI input sounds fine regardless of what output device I set it to. And like I said, audio sounds fine when the output is my laptop speakers (although I only have the option of setting my laptop speakers as the output with a WASAPI driver (not the ASIO), and my AI only works properly with the ASIO driver. In regards to #2, the USB/Direct knob seems to act purely as a volume knob right now. It doesn’t blend the two tracks together whatsoever. It either decreases the volume of both when turning it one way, or increases the volume of both by turning it in the opposite direction. And this is the same regardless of what output I have both tracks set to. I'm listening via headphones through the headphone output on the AI and yes, nothing is heard when the Master is muted. I’m really wondering if I should just return this M-Audio interface and get the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface instead, since I’ve seen that there aren’t as many problems with its drivers…
  14. Haha I appreciate your help!! The track sounds fine in every other player and sounds fine when the output is set to my laptop speakers (when on the WASAPI shared driver). All tracks I import sound metallic, even though they're all normal sounding otherwise.
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