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  1. Wow u guys are great! Okay thanks, John Vere, I’ll look up the Smart Tool. I kinda thought there was a way to set the duration, but wasn’t sure where. I’m lousy at looking up how to do things, I like to click around and then hit undo if it does something I don’t want it to do. I know it’s actually not the best way to figure out all the functions of Cakewalk as I can already see there Tons of stuff on here! Also thanks for the reply, RobertWS. I used to use Cakewalk as a sequencer back when it was version 3.1 in the mid 90’s, and I could place notes in the piano roll by holding down Cntrl and clicking with the mouse. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t add note manually! It never occurred to me to use Cntrl-C and Cntrl-V. Thanks again guys!
  2. Hey thanks! 57Gregy, I’m doing it “old school “, tapping the drums in on a drum machine. I got the midi out set back to the same machine, so I’m not using any maps. RobertWS, kool. Okay for some reason I didn’t try that. It’s awesome, but the noe is super long. I know I can select the notes and change its parameters, so I can shorten it. But what is controlling the length of the note I’m drawing, and how do I change that? While I’m here, how do I copy a note then paste it somewhere else? That actually might be easier, as I can just add extra snare shots, and drag them into place. Thanks, this forum is great !
  3. Okay this should be simple, but I’ve tried just about everything, and I can’t figure out how to create a snare or kick that’s missing from my midi drum sequence track that I tapped in from a drum machine. I also tried to copy and paste another event and just duplicate that event and move it into place. Thanks!
  4. Awesome! Okay I’ve set the time base to absolute for all tracks. (Control-click saved time there!). Is there any reason I may want to set the time base back to “Musical”? Or do I leave it as ”Absolute”?
  5. Okay great! I’ll have a look in a bit. Thanks for replying so quickly, scook!
  6. Hi! I’m just starting with using Cakewalk. I decided to put a commercial song on a track, and start overdubbing tracks to it. When I went to do the drums, I went to change the tempo from 120 to 86, to sequence the drum machine. The audio tracks move around all over the place! I should have checked the tempo first, and moved the song to fit. Right now I’m looking at starting a whole new project, but I may want to import some of the tracks from this one, and try to line them up. Which means they may be slightly out of time. Is there any way to change the tempo, and continue working on this project ? Thanks! Loving the Cakewalk!
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