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  1. Thanks for the reply, John - much appreciated! I don't have Sonar, though, so that's not the solution for me.
  2. Hello, I'm unable to activate Cakewalk, despite trying numerous solutions from forums and help pages. Here's what I've tried so far: Logging out of Bandlab, logging back in, and refreshing activation Uninstalling and reinstalling everything, including deleting the hidden folders in C:\ProgramFiles Running Bandlab as an administrator and reinstalling Cakewalk Checking that I've confirmed my email address Refreshing activation from within Cakewalk. Each time I get an error message: 'Cakewalk experienced a problem with activation. Please contact support. (100)', or sometimes (300). The 'contact support' link at the end of the error message takes me to an old site that doesn't allow new users to register, so I've been unable to actually contact support. Any ideas? Thanks.
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