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  1. Hi Chuck E Baby. Sorry I took a while to check back in. No I haven't been using lens. I wasn't aware of what they even were until I read your post and looked it up.
  2. Thanks for responding. I've been afflicted with SFS (Sausage Finger Syndrome) many times, but I swear not this time. I had even tested it, making sure effects were on when I saved only to find them off when reopened.
  3. Hi guys. Trying to learn the new Cakewalk. This is the first project I've attempted in Bandlab Cakewalk. Usually (not everytime) the effects will be turned off on some tracks, even though the project had been saved with them on. I have to rightclick / uncheck "Bypass FX Rack" and/or "Bypass FX Racks Of This Type" either in the track's effects bin, or in a bus that several tracks are routed to. Happens pretty much every time I reopen the project. For some reason it seems to default to the "Bypass" option. Thanks, Mark
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