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  1. We raised the kick up some on the Bandcamp link. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Just released today. This track is about Ergotism during the Salem Witch Trials. Bandcamp: https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/track/togremelas Youtube: Illogistical Resource Dept. - Togremelas Thanks for watching! Aphagia Recordings
  3. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks Sven. We definitely have some prog influences including Rush, Yes and King Crimson.
  4. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks GTR. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi Noel, Recently released this track and video made with CbB. Not sure what genre it is, but it's somewhere between unusual rock and electronic.
  6. It doesn't happen every time I zoom during playback. I didn't try Esc. It didn't happen in earlier versions of Cakewalk. It's possible it could have something to do with Windows 1909 update.
  7. Short clip of the zoom bug. Mouse cursor can't be moved outside the zoom control box and no way to stop playback because the keyboard stops working. CbB Zoom Bug
  8. Losing mouse/keyboard control in the entire program including the control bar. No plugin windows open at the time. The only way to stop playback is to end the CbB process in task manager using Ctrl Alt Del. Then restart Windows.
  9. I'm having this problem as well. It happens when I'm zooming in and out while using the spacebar to start and stop playback.
  10. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks Wave. Much appreciated!
  11. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Much appreciated. Yes the song is about slime mold and we definitely are influenced by Devo and Primus.
  12. This is what we strive for. Thank you.
  13. The main instrument is a bass. The guitar parts coming in on the 2nd half of each verse. There's also wah guitars going with my bass notes on the 2nd half of the "choruses". Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated!
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