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  1. I used the Pro-Q3 on the drum bus for dynamic EQ. For the master bus I used StardardClip to clip some of the peaks and some light limiting with the Fabfilter Pro-L2.
  2. I used the Soundtoys Microshift to spread out the drums a bit since they were all on one track, and the Fabfilter Pro-Q3 (which is my go-to EQ) to dynamically boost the low frequencies in the center and the highs left and right. Hope that helps.
  3. You may recognize parts of this track. Mixed and mastered in Cakewalk. Tomorrow Never Knows (Scott Dough x Soundtweaker Jungle Rework) by SCOTT DOUGH (WorldSound / No Dough Dub) Thanks for watching!
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback guy! Much appreciated.
  5. A group of exiled humanoids from a distant galaxy are sent to forewarn simple-minded earthlings of the impending doom from the 99942 Asteroid. Thanks for watching! Dan Menapace - Bass, Synths, Additional Guitars Noa Oz - Drums Chris Olden - Guitars 3D Effects - Jason Dillard Bandcamp: https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/album/in-progress Record Label: www.aphagiarecordings.com
  6. Thanks, so much guys for the feedback. Much appreciated.
  7. This is the final part of a trilogy based on the Pyramids of Giza. Thanks for listening. Track available for download @ https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/track/the-kings-chamber-part-iii-of-the-giza-necropolis
  8. Thanks, so much Harry and Steve! Our video creator guy made that video for us using an old microfiche viewer and a lot of creativity.
  9. We raised the kick up some on the Bandcamp link. Thanks for all the feedback!
  10. Just released today. This track is about Ergotism during the Salem Witch Trials. Bandcamp: https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/track/togremelas Youtube: Illogistical Resource Dept. - Togremelas Thanks for watching! Aphagia Recordings
  11. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks Sven. We definitely have some prog influences including Rush, Yes and King Crimson.
  12. Suboculis

    Science Rock

    Thanks GTR. Much appreciated!
  13. Hi Noel, Recently released this track and video made with CbB. Not sure what genre it is, but it's somewhere between unusual rock and electronic.
  14. It doesn't happen every time I zoom during playback. I didn't try Esc. It didn't happen in earlier versions of Cakewalk. It's possible it could have something to do with Windows 1909 update.
  15. Short clip of the zoom bug. Mouse cursor can't be moved outside the zoom control box and no way to stop playback because the keyboard stops working. CbB Zoom Bug
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