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    Blood Bath

    me, and the crew are still trying to find our way but if you could tell me what is right or wrong with this I would inform the crew, thanks baby https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14250585
  2. I have to admit, when I first read the title I thought maybe you had lost your senses, and this might be one of those IBTL threads, or maybe even a "banned for life," threads, because maybe you are still in mourning, and folks can do some crazy things when the shroud has been wrapped. Thankfully though not that. that is one nice live rig bass rack you have there. I have a request, how about you post a bass solo and walk us all through the sonic capabilities of this rig. That would be very cool, and archival, because you just never know.
  3. Jesse Screed


    I never get tired of telling you how nice your work is. Here I go again😀
  4. I really like the way the vocals are right there. Your sound is so distinctive. I have never heard a bad production from you. Nice guitar work.
  5. jack, I like this a lot. you really explore the silicone propensities. Most people might not get this, but I do, very nice at 1:50. The more I listen, the more I like it. What is a brude? If people really take the time to listen to this they will appreciate. I'm glad you have made a visit here.
  6. I'm glad you guys took the time to tinker around with this. I really like it, just a well crafted and recorded song. You guys should really do more collabs together, there is a chemistry there and it would be shame to not let the juices mingle.
  7. That is cool. Really like it all. I think the vocals could be mixed up some, but I say that to everyone. I am really big on being able to understand the lyrics. Whatever you are doing at 2:00, is very nice. Great mix too
  8. Hello my furry friend. I hear that a lot, and I don't mind. CBH was a great artist who explored the nether regions of musical expression. Thanks for listening Wookiee. I hear that a lot, and I don't mind. I wonder what it would sound like if we were really doing psychedelics? Thanks for listening, I love your tunes, they are always so well crafted and recorded. That is something my new band will need to figure out. Hello Ed, I hear that a lot, and I don't mind. I sure am happy to see you here. You seem to be one of the nice, down to earth people, that inhabit the coffee house on a regular basis. Keep coming back, and stay well. Peace Yep, we're not really disciplined at all, but we like to hit record and see where it all ends up. I promise our next release will be just as undisciplined.:)
  9. you call it whatever you want, the name won't take away from the expression. As the others have said, this is creative and nice, I like it.
  10. What? I don't think I ever once participated in a thread with Bill but I read a lot of them. He seemed to always have a positive attitude throughout his trials and tribulations. So sad. There might not be beer in heaven, but hopefully he'll have all the "bacon" he desires. May he rest in peace.
  11. I have two files, one flac, one mp3 to me the flac on has a kick that is to clicky. I would be interested to hear what you think OH also, this is the second jam with my new band. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14243797 https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14243795 It's nearly midnight.
  12. This is what I have found so far. Does anybody have experience with this system? Kind of pricey. https://www.audiofront.net/MIDIExpression.php Here is a video link if you would like to see more. Looks interesting. I haven't found country of origin yet. Maybe this will help you?
  13. OK, I see I was late. This post should be tagged as solved
  14. I know! A cat A vial of poison gas A Geiger counter and an atom Do I win?
  15. Jesse Screed


    Boy and how! The tune Clouds? Wistful, yet as with all your music, an underlying hopefulness, especially beginning at the 2:00 mark. Much do I like the sonic quality. A great expression from your heart.
  16. Hello, I am wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Is there such a thing as a double pedal that has one pedal to control LFO and another pedal to control the Pitch?
  17. There are only three things for sure in this life, 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Hidden Symmetry composes kick azz music. nice guitar there, is that you? I need to look into this more
  18. Jesse Screed


    Hey Mr. Furry Paws, this is a great tune for my first cup of coffee this morning. So ethereal, like floating at light speed through the cosmos, and completed with stock plugs no less.
  19. Jesse Screed


    David, I tried the link, but it said I needed permission to view it. (We don't need know stinking permission!) Unless I want to hear your new tune. Is that the feeling you were going for? Peace
  20. Jesse Screed

    So here I am

    Love it! Maybe a little hot, at least on the laptop speakers, but I love the vibe.
  21. Generally, as a rule, but obviously not now, I don't bump me own self, but, InstrEd has never chimed in, that I can remember, and I don't remember EDDie, sometimes I deliver the jelly, and sometimes I deliver the jam, but no matter what, the package is always chunky, fruity, sweet, and wholesome. (what the hell are you doing in the song forum?) especially on fresh crepes, it is Grandmas cook book. Yes, I will try that, thanks for the second set of ears. Bjorn suggested the same thing, but with a little less sugar and a bit more chunks. see above good jam has a lot of funk, good jelly has a lot of jazz but you knew that
  22. This is the first jam with my band mix opinions are strongly solicited I apologixe for the keyboards, that was me, the bass player wanted to play guitar the guitar on the left is named Gauto Gui THE BASS PLAYER TOLD ME NOT TO ASK HER NAME CAUSE SHE WAS ON GUITAR. I've known the drummer for a long long time, he loves MM's https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14239506
  23. very nice will, a great happy song, kind of reminds me a little eel. Good luck with the project!!!
  24. Jesse Screed


    esoul, it has been a while, I think, since you have posted a tune. Very relaxing, this brought me to a different reality after listening to Bjorns Casbah. I too like the drone. I just took a deep breath, the first one all day! Thanks
  25. Bjorn, you are really getting good at the video editing! The music is like a dream along with the video. Jack called it spooky, and I think I agree, but very creative.
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