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  1. I've tried everything here. Changing the "UseHardwareSamplePosition" to "False" made no difference. When I was testing this, there are no effects applied, just raw input. It seems to be overcompensating for what lag it is expecting, but will not let me shift it forward, only back. I also tried the PDC override button, but again, no change.
  2. So, in the end, nothing I've done has been able to fix this issue. Cakewalk is still recording at the correct time, then "shunting" the whole thing back 10ms. No amount of ticking boxes or applying a negative offset for the sync has made any change whatsoever. I've basically resigned myself to manually shifting anything I've recorded forward 10ms to compensate.
  3. Thanks, man. I'll give it a go next time I fire it up. Six hours hunting for a 10ms delay has fried my brain for the day.
  4. I tried that early on, and couldn't use my interface at all. It looks to be that the Avid unit only functions through ASIO.
  5. After further looking into, it's closer to 10ms, and after making a video of the recording process, it appears that it is recording it at the correct time, then 'shunting' it back when the recording stops. You can see quite clearly that during the recording (top), the second waveform starts on the beat (darker vertical line), but after the recording is done (lower) it starts before this line. No matter what I change in regards to buffer sizes or latency, this happens regardless. ps...This is just raw input; no plugins.
  6. Yeah...already tried that, unfortunately. I even tried the manual offset, and all it did was to insert a delay between what I was playing and what I was hearing. It's almost like I need it to delay the existing audio out, but not the audio out for what I'm playing. It's really quite odd.
  7. Ahh, sorry Lord Tim...Looks like I've given some incorrecto info there. I initially used ASIO4ALL, but it gave me issues, and I eventually did end up changing the driver over to the correct Avid ones. It was that long ago that I forgot that I'd done it. Sorry.
  8. Daniel Jorgensen

    Reverse lag?

    So, I essentially have a kind of "reverse lag" issue. I'm running an Avid Fast Track Solo as an interface, and what is happening is that when I'm playing my guitar through it, the sound is coming through almost instantaneously, with no notable sign of lag. When I play along to a metronome, it sounds on beat. When I play it back, it sounds off-beat, because the guitar comes in consistently 20ms early. If I take the metronome away, and double the guitar beat I just made, once again, it sounds on beat while recording, but is 20ms early on playback. Please note : the most recent track is early, not late due to lag. If I watch a sound file being played and set the graph increments to 20ms, I am hearing the beat just before it reaches where it is supposed to be played, as if the audio was reaching my headphones before it was visually showing up on screen. Unfortunately though, it is recording my guitar as it is played on screen, 20ms ahead of the previous track. When I listen to a recording back, it sounds off, but if I move the recording to 20ms later, it sounds as it did when I recorded it. All information I've found had been in regards to a track coming in late, not early. My mixing latency buffer size is set to 128 samples (2.9ms), but if I increase that, there is a noticeable delay between when I hit the strings and when it can be heard, which is enough to totally throw off my playing. It's like I need the playback to come through the monitors 20ms later, but the guitar to come through straight away, and I've found nothing similar. ASIO drivers (Avid Fast Track Solo Driver 1.0.4(x64)) on an Acer Predator laptop. Windows 10. Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz, 32GB ram. First picture : as recorded. There are a couple of notes that seem to be on time....these are the off-time notes, as I'm far from perfect. Second picture : after I've moved the track 20ms to the right.
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