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  1. The cable definitely is the right way around. I'm doubtful about it being an issue with the midi keyboard as it worked fine with cakewalk and the same cable on my other laptop - but the fact remains that since installing cakewalk on this laptop, I've had no luck whatsoever.
  2. Yes, I've done both of those things - the midi track (I'm trying to record midi, not audio) is record enabled and the keyboard is selected in the track dropdown. It still doesn't recognise any input.
  3. The midi channel is set to omni, the Yamaha is all set up in preferences > devices (that was the first thing I did before seeking help, it shows up in the dropdown as USB2Midi), but notes do NOT show up in the track when recording. I hit record, I hit a few keys, nothing happens. I don't understand what's wrong. According to all advice I've found so far it should be working fine.
  4. I'm very new at this so please don't attack me for not knowing things. I'm sure it's an easy fix but I've tried and tried and tried to no avail. I can't get cakewalk to record any midi from my yamaha piano. I've got it set up with a USB2Midi cable, the computer's recognising it fine, I've followed all the instructions online to get it set up the way it should be, but for some reason cakewalk still won't recognise when it's being played or record anything. I'm at my absolute wits end, please help!
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