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  1. Hi, thanks for the info. i did not migrate as i never needed to follow through. My old p.c. install work perfect for 10 yrs, unfortunatly i needed a new one though. I only use EZ drummer 2 with it, If bandlab can open the files and export .wav, i think im good to go. this is great news and having newer software is always good.cheers Rick
  2. Good Day ppl. I recently bought a new P.C. and installed my Music creator 5.0 on it. It seems that you can not get a registration code for legacy software any longer. i have hundreds of files i made in Music creator 5. If i cant resolve getting a registration code because it is not supported through email, is there a way i can get the registration of the old P.C. install? Or if i cant, and install BandLab, will it open my old legacy files? Any help will be greatly appriciated Thanks Rick
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