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  1. FREE DOWNLOAD LINK - https://incognetsamples.com/sample-packs/big-free-sample-pack-2021-by-incognet--part-1.html We are happy to present you our BIG FREE SAMPLE PACK 2021. Its our 1 part. During this year we will release 2 and 3 part. 1 GB of Construction Kits, Serum Presets, Loops, One Shots for making SLAP HOUSE, FUTURE HOUSE, EDM, BASS HOUSE, TECH AND BASS TECH MUSIC Contents: -18 Construction Kits - 15 Serum Presets - One Shots - Loops - MIDI - Size: 1 GB
  2. We are happy to present you full collection of our Slap House Sample Packs with 50% discount. For example cost of 3 packs should be 47 usd + bonus. But now you can grab all for 19,99 USD Download Full Bundle HERE Demo preview HERE This Bundle consist of: • 25 Construction Kits • 11 FL 20.6.2 Projects • Around 66 Presets for Serum • More than 100 One Shots • Around 50 Midis • More than 230 Loops (Instrumental, Basses, Synhts, Fills ect) • Size: 1.6 GB That means that you have all to make your TOP hits in Slap House/EDM style.
  3. Our New WEEKEND OFFER! Pack for 1,9 USD. This time we decide to make such Sale for Groove, House, Tribal and EDM Samples and Presets. Go to https://incognetsamples.com/ and grab your copy. #samples #sounds #loopcloud #loopmasters #presets #oneshots #groovehouse #housemusic #housemusicproduction
  4. Hey hey, to all visitors of this forum, esclusive discount 30% on All Incognet Samples, Presets, Daw Projects ect. Use coupon APRIL30 when check out to get 30% discount. Shop here: https://incognetsamples.com/ Also we released new sample pack called HEXAGON HOUSE where we collect all in one sample pack: Fl Projects, Construction Kits, Presets for Serum and Sylenth, Loops, One Shots, Midis Download it here: https://incognetsamples.com/sample-packs/hexagon-house.html Contents: - 6 Modern Construction Kits ( 126 BPM ) More than 100 WAVs - 17 Midis - 23 Drum Loops and Drum Shots - 24 Fx Tools - 39 Instrumental Loops (Basses, Synths, Leads, Pianos) - 7 Vocals - 17 Synth Shots - 29 PRESETS for SYLENTH and SERUM + 3 FULL FL STUDIO PROJECTS Size: 545 Mb
  5. Incognet Samples Easter Sale: Get 40% off on All samples, presets & projects Shop now: https://incognetsamples.com Just use coupon HALLINC when check out to get 40% discount! With 40% off thousands of sound packs there’s never been a better time to make music. Offer ends April 11
  6. Hello, my name is Denis and I own Incognet Samples ( incognetsamples.com ). We have a looot of great quality samples made by Spinnin and Hexagon Artists to make Future Rave, Future House, Slap House , Tribal, Progressive, Melodic, Tech, Techno, Groove, EDM, Pop House music +A Loot of Free Samples, Presets, Sounds, Projects + A lot Of Free Templates + A Looot of Tutorials to make music. I use Cubase in my production, and for this forum I deside to give 20% discount to all users of https://discuss.cakewalk.com/ . So juse use coupon CUSTOMER20 when check out to get 20% discount. So go check our site and use your discount: https://incognetsamples.com/
  7. Incognet Samples are happy to announce WEEKEND OFFER! 30 % SALE ON ALL PACKS Shop Now + 90% SALE on Choosen Packs Buy 90% discount packs HERE Here are links for our 1,8 USD Price Packs: Groove Tools Vol.4 Groove Tools Vol.5 Groove Tools Vol.6 Groove Tools Vol.7
  8. 🚀 Support/Download Full Pack: https://bit.ly/3qr6CIK 🚀Free Demo Pack: https://pumpyoursound.com/f/pys/slap-house-vol3/106679 WE ARE BACK WITH THIRD VOLUME OF - SLAP HOUSE. IN THIS PACK YOU WILL FIND ONE SHOTS, LOOPS, CONSTRUCTION KITS, BANK FOR SERUM + FL PROJECTS!!!! WHAT'S INSIDE ? - 8 CONSTRUCTION KITS ( WITH ALL MIDI/LOOPS/SHOTS) 113 WAVS - 3 FL STUDIO 20.6.2 PROJECTS!!! - BANK FOR SERUM (20 PRESETS)! - 17 INSTRUMENTAL LOOPS FOLDER ( BASSES, SYNTHS, LEADS ETC) - 15 DRUM LOOPS - 35 SYNTH ONE SHOTS - 25 FILL SHOTS - 19 DRUM ONE SHOTS SIZE: 497 MB ⭐️ Stay in touch: »» Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/incognet_samples/ »» SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/incognetsample
  9. use coupon ONLYYOU when check out to get extra 20% discount on this pack ( Until 31 of January)
  10. ⭐️Hey!!l We release Musical Freedom House Sample Pack!!! ✅ Download Link: https://bit.ly/3c1PJQm ✅ Free Demo Samples: https://pumpyoursound.com/f/pys/musical-freedom-house-samples/104317 ✅ Preview: https://soundcloud.com/incognetsample/incognet-samples-musical-freedom-house ✌️Its not surprise that most of you know Musical Freedom Records label, owned by Tiesto. ❤️Inspired by treir releases, we decide to make sample pack in Bass, Future, Tech House, which helps you to make huge bomb tracks and maybe release on Musical Freedom. 🚀This pack maybe dont have huge size, but we tried to collect only best sounds, loops and presets for you that you definitely can use in your production. 👉So lets se what we have inside: ☑️24 Instrument Loops (Bass & Synth Loops) ☑️20 Fx Loops ☑️7 Full Inspiring Construction Kits (Incl 12 Midis) ☑️19 One Shots ☑️10 Top Loops ☑️13 Serum Presets ☑️Size: 400 Mb
  11. Our first pack in 2021 is our brand new COLLABORATION sample pack with Thomas Gold Samples Label - XXOUND! Download full pack here: https://bit.ly/38zI5Lb Free Demo from This pack: https://pumpyoursound.com/f/pys/incognet-thomas-gold-pres-bass-future-house/103704 DEMO PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/incognetsample/xxound-incognetxxound-bass-future-house-vol1-audio-demo Teaming up with our good friends from XXound Samples, we are bringing you a brand new top notch producer pack: Bass & Future House Vol.1! XXOUND co-founder Thomas Gold himself was heavily involved in the production, so you can be absolutely sure of 100% top quality sounds. ‘Bass & Future House Vol.1’ sports more than 300 audio and sound elements. You will find more than 150 audio samples (shots and loops), 10 meticulously prepared and inspiring construction kits(120 Audio Wavs), 19 presets for Massive, Sylenth and Serum, 11 Midi Files and a Bonus Single Shots section. Everything you need for your next club banger! Thomas Gold and Incognet put their hands on many of the loops and samples, having processed them to give you the finest of sounds you can get for this genre. With this producer pack, you are now ready and fully prepared to either start your next club banger from scratch - or just beef up your production-in-progress. Again, here what you can find inside: - 19 Presets for Serum, Massive & Sylenth - 150+ Audios Samples - 10 Full Construction Kits - Additional MIDI Files - Size: 446 Mb - Total: 650 Files - All Samples Are Royalty Free Get it now! + We give you our Gift card for 15% DISCOUNT, just use coupon ONLYYOU when check out to get 15% discount
  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Download full bundle with 85% DISCOUNT (Until 7 Jan) here: https://incognetsamples.com/bundles/complete-groove-house-bundle-2020.html Free Taste Pack - https://pumpyoursound.com/f/pys/groove-bundle-2020/102835 As last release of this year, we proud to present our biggest and the most valuable Bundle - COMPLETE GROOVE HOUSE BUNDLE 2020 with Big Discount!!!! Perfect for making Groove House/EDM/ Club House, becouse it has more than 10,7 GB of modern, quality samples, one shots, construction kits, presets, midis Groove House is the style in which we are really strong. All groove packs made by Incognet, who was released on main groove house labels (Kryteria, Sosumi, Black Lizard, Spinnin) and supported by famous groove house artists such as Kryder, Thomas Gold, Tom Staar, Dave Winnel, Merk & Kremont, Rob & Jack, Lissat, Leando Da Silve ect. We collect our best 20 best GROOVE HOUSE sample packs in one with 70% discount Bundle. So lets see what is inside? • Around 400 Presets • Around 100 Construction Kits • More than 1000 One Shots • More than 1000 Midis • More than 4500 WAVS (Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Percussion Loops, Stabs, Fxs, Synth Loops ect) • 6686 Files Size: 10,7 GB 100% Royalty-Free Packs in this bundle: • Groove Mania • Afro House • Ultimate EDM • Tribal Addiction Vol.1, Vol.2 • Massivedum Groove House • Groove Tools Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol.5, Vol.6, Vol.7, Vol.8 • Groove Percussion Vol.1, Vol.2 • Groove Cartel • Drums Edition Vol.1, Vol.2 • All About Groove
  13. OUR XMAS GIFT FOR YOU!!! We are glad to give you a huge present: FREE XMAS 2020 SAMPLE PACK! Free download on our site - https://incognetsamples.com/free-samples/incognet-free-xmas-2020-sample-pack.html ☑️600 Mb For making Slap/Tribal/Edm/Groove/Tech/Melodic/Bass Music ☑️Loops, One Shots, Presets, Construction Kits, Midis ⭐️Pack consist of: - 11 Construction Kits - 29 Presets (for Massive, Serum, Sylenth, Spire) - 30 Instrumental and Drum Loops -370 Files Size: 608 Mb All Samples are Royalty Free Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone. Incognet Samples is running a Christmas Sale until January 7th, 2021, offering: - From 55% to 75% Sale OFF on All Sounds - Up to 80% discount on Bundle of sounds!!! Shop now - https://incognetsamples.com
  15. Download full pack: https://bit.ly/39MjfZv FREE SAMPLES from this pack: https://pumpyoursound.com/f/pys/slap-vol-2/101254 We are back with second volume of - Slap House. What's Inside ? - 10 Construction Kits ( with all midi/loops/shots) 98 WAVS - 3 FL Studio 20.6.2 Projects!!!!!!! - Bank For Serum (19 Presets)!!! - 24 Instrumental Loops folder ( Basses, Synths, Leads etc) - 18 Drum Loops - 20 Vocals - 20 Fill Shots - 25 One Shots Size: 630 Mb This time its much bigger and also has FL Projects, Presets for Serum, Midis, One Shots, Loops and Construction Kits! Slap house style you can hear it everywhere: on radios, on main labels such as Spinnin, Warner ect. We bring you our best in our packs: its One Shots, MIDIS, Loops, Constrction Kits, Bank for Serum + FL PROJECTS!!!! For using this pack you need: FL Studio 20.6.2 Serum 1.306 INVISIBLE LIMITER 1.9.1 Shaper Box 1 Fab EQ 3 Fab Saturn 2 Valhalla Room. All samples are royalty free!
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