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  1. Hi Ben, thank you very much for your answer. Here below answers to your questions: 1) graphics drivers (Intel HD 3000; Nvidia GT 540M) as far as I can check: up to date 2) dxdiag: it seems OK. file attached 3) Arranger track show/hide = crash. file dmp attached. 4) windows 10 home edition (up to date): French ; Cakewalk by Bandlab (up to date): set in English Hope it will help. Regards. Herve DxDiag.txt Untitled_11232020_212658.dmp
  2. Hi everyone, When I try to use articulation map (with the very last version of CW), a pop up window appears and CW must close (fatal error). new empty project, what ever the synth that I use : piano roll/view/show articulation pane => fatal error. I re-installed several times. I join the dump file. Thanks for your help. HerveUntitled_11212020_220627.dmp
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