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  1. Hi folks, I'm primarily a guitarist/bassist, and I'm looking to incorporate a MIDI footswitch into my gear. I really only intend to use it to trigger stomp boxes and amp effects through TH3 or TH-U, as I already have a Nektar IMPACT LX61+ keyboard that has plenty of buttons for arming, playing, recording, looping, etc. What do people use for this? I've seen the Behringer FBC1010 talked about a lot, but I don't have any place to plug in an actual MIDI cable. I've seen MIDI to USB interfaces, but don't have any experience with them and don't know how reliable that setup typically is. Are there other options that are reliable? Any insights would be very helpful!
  2. Never mind! It was a simple matter of just widening the midi track's interface to see the output send. This is working now! Thank you! I've been trying to grope around and figure this out for a couple days now.
  3. Thanks for helping, rsinger. Okay, I've selected 'enable MIDI input' from the VST3 dropdown menu. I believe I know how to add a new MIDI track, and I've selected my input device there. I don't know anything about how to select an output though.
  4. Hi folks! I'm having a problem. When I attempt to train TH3 (or TH-U, which I'm demoing to see if this problem was just a TH3 issue) to respond to MIDI buttons, all I get is an error message: "No MIDI messages have been received during learn. Check your hardware and software configuration and retry" The MIDI device in question is a nektar IMPACT LX61+. It works fine as a keyboard with various VSTs, and I can use the touchpads on it to control drums just fine with other VSTs. In fact, in the standalone version of TH-U, I can set it as my midi device with no problem and control foot switches with it. It's just inside of Cakewalk that I experience this problem. In the standalone version, there's an 'audio settings' area where I can tell it to notice my MIDI controller, but this is missing from the VST3 plugin version. Has anyone had any success getting TH3 Cakewalk Edition to work with a midi controller at all? Is there something obvious I'm missing? I am relatively new to this stuff, so any insight at all is greatly appreciated.
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