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  1. I've been working with live and studio sound for over two decades, and CbB for about a year, and I agree with the O.P. I just wasted a considerable amount of time and frustration trying to figure out why I couldn't increase my mike recording level. I've never owned an audio interface that had any metering, just a clipping light (currently using a ProSonus AudioBox USB 96). Audacity has an input gain control, why can't CbB? -- Ed
  2. I found a workaround! 1. Add a new short temporary note that ends at the same time as the Very Long Note. 2. Select both notes, and then you can drag their ends to lengthen or shorten them. 3. Delete the temporary note. Not a perfect solution, but it beats the currently available alternatives. -- Ed
  3. This issue has been an ongoing problem for me, too. The only way I can graphically adjust the length of a long note at all is to zoom way out, but then I can't adjust it with the precision I need. It's still happening in version 2020.11 (Build 088, 64 bit). I can adjust the length using the Note Properties dialog, but then I have to calculate what the length should be. That approach would be okay for a note or two once in a while, but I have a lot of these notes.
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