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  1. Just for info , last night i had 3 vocal harmony parts on 3 tracks. The middle one was not playing but the others were. The wave form was there!. I did the old "close CbB close computer and restart". I worked fine after that. I have the latest version and use 2 roland octacaptures Ric
  2. Had to look in the manual for that! Track options ripple edit all was set. Thanks for the solution I don't know how it was set. Thanks again
  3. Thanks John . I used undo to correct the problem but i did want to redo the vocal track again so I want to delete the audio take and it takes the other tracks with it. I tried ctrl shift A which i think was deselect all to ensure something i could not see was selected Wonder if something could be somehow linking the tracks behind the scene. Ive never seen anything like this before! Ric
  4. I will try tonight , but i thought i had closed Cwb and reopened it. First time ive used imgur , feeling my way around it! I might eliminate all the nested folders as this was the only main change to my normal workflow Cheers Scook
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/f9wsRUm This ok scook?
  6. Maybe someone can help. I was recording vocals , then press undo (or delete key) and a midi file was also deleted see video. I was using nested folders, tts, lounge lizard and sending midi to 2 korg keyboards I tried ctrl shift A to make sure only my audio was selected Any explanation welcome I can duplicate this but my 5sec video is too large Ric
  7. Just to say I have seen this problem reported elsewhere as Crash to Desktop or "Pooof and Gone" so it would appear not to be with this release. Following from a comment, I had not been using TH3 Guitar Rig at all. I worked for 3 hours last night , midi and audio recording and had no crashes at all. Sorry , Eric
  8. A few times recently I have had a crash, not like the regular spinning wheel and program not responding, but almost like you hit the Minimise button , so quick! NEW CwB version. I’m not able to reproduce it but it happened first when I was trying out nested folders, the last one when I was copying a midi take. Guess it must be my system or everyone would be shouting My System is Dell XPS Intel i9 , 48 GB RAM , 2 SSD , I HDD 64 Bit Windown 10 Home 21H1 19043.1415 2 Linked Roland Octacaptures (most recent driver) Korg Kross Also have a Korg M3 & X3 (not connected) Cakewalk by Bandlab 2021.12 Build 102 I only connect to the internet for CwB Updates Any Ideas most welcome.
  9. Sorted , on the piano roll screen tab "notes" somehow i set the show notes off. Never seen this before , used show velocity , not sure why you would not want to show the notes Said i probably did something stupid Thanks Ric
  10. I paged up and down and narrowed the grid but no sign of the notes. Think i should try a new install next. I could video the problem I'm having
  11. I must have done something really stupid without realizing it. I have started a simple project as usual with a basic bass and drums midi set. I then added Organ (as midi) When I double click on the midi track or select view piano roll I cant see any notes on the piano roll screen. I may have inadvertently pressed a key (Near D which I use all the time) I had been editing the notes previously Any Ideas Ric
  12. Very intermittent now. I use two Roland octacaptures asio on dell xps 8940 (new).
  13. eric.birchall

    Recording delayed

    hi , strange thing happened recently whilst recording backing vocals. The recorded clip was at least 1.5 bars late when I played it back. Easily fixed but unexplained. Round trip latency was 7.5 Ric
  14. Nope , very few other things other than standard CwB
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