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  1. Very intermittent now. I use two Roland octacaptures asio on dell xps 8940 (new).
  2. eric.birchall

    Recording delayed

    hi , strange thing happened recently whilst recording backing vocals. The recorded clip was at least 1.5 bars late when I played it back. Easily fixed but unexplained. Round trip latency was 7.5 Ric
  3. Nope , very few other things other than standard CwB
  4. Just got a Dell XPS 8940 16gb SSD system , after reading this , tonight is my first night without dropouts. Fingers crossed , I've lost count of the number of changes I've made to try to fix this . Thanks Tez I use 2 Roland Ocatacaptures !
  5. I'll Try the Update first , Thanks Scook
  6. New Years resolution to do more music!! After reading SOS I decided to go from SPLAT to Cakewalk. Unfortunately my set up is not identical , so any pointers to my 3 crashes a day so far this year would help me solve my problems. My Music computer is not connected to the internet (except to do upgrades) My Version is 2018.09 Build 29 64bit. I have 2 Roland Ocatacaptures (moved from one) Latest Drivers I started by imputing midi from my Korg Kross , corrected the notes etc until I was happy. I pointed the output to my Korg M3 (Both via USB) . Then Vocals and Guitar are added. The crashes make the whole screen grey , you can see through it , but the Now time line is very black. I don't seem to get any error message. After restart of the computer I picked up the auto save file and continued , but both keyboards have to re connected in the Preference screen. I often get notes left ringing. I also had a strange experience recording audio , where the play started jumping forward in leaps . It played back the same with audio already recorded , so I restarted. I never seemed to have these problems before so I don't quite know where to start . Ric.
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