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  1. Thank you very much - that worked! The "Bank Select Method" was shown as "Normal" before already but after inserting the line "BankSelMethod=0" into the ins file and re-importing it, the issue is gone 🙂. So I learned that it is always a good idea to specify the "BankSelMethod" in the ins file, even if it is the default one (0).
  2. Thanks for the advices. Unfortunately the problem cannot be solved so easily. I try to describe in more detail and with screenshots how to reproduce the issue: First, I create a virtual MIDI port (using loopMIDI) that I can use for MIDI input monitoring via MIDI-OX. In Cakewalk, I connect the "loopMIDI Port 1" with my instrument file "Kawai MP7SE". In MIDI-OX, I only select the MIDI Input "loopMIDI Port" to make sure nothing else interferes... ... and open the "Input monitor". In Cakewalk, I select a bank and patch on the "track settings panel". The MIDI-OX Input monitor monitors an LSB and a Patch-Change event, but no MSB: Now back in Cakewalk, I insert a "Bank/Patch Change" event somewhere into the track (not position 00:00:00:00)... ... and let the song play until it reaches the event. MIDI-OX monitors the following: As you can see - this time, Cakewalk sent the MSB and the LSB before the Patch Change - this is correct! Unfortunately, my instrument "Kawai MP7SE" does not change into "setup mode" if it does not receive the MSB event, that's why I can change patches but I cannot change to setups via the "track settings panel". I hope that you now understand my problem and why I think it could be a bug in the software.
  3. Sure, I attached the ins file. As you can see, the patches of banks 1 and 2 are named. Bank 3 and 4 (these are the setups) are not named yet, but that doesn't matter in this case. If the ins file would be wrong, it should not work with the inserted "Bank/Patch Change event", but it does. The ins file works fine with MIDI-OX because MIDI-OX always sends the MSB 0 correctly. Kawai MP7SE.ins
  4. No, the ins file is correct. As I wrote - it works when I insert a "Bank/Patch Change" into the track using the same instrument definition. I did the test with MIDI-OX and can see the difference between the inserted event and the event of the "bank/patch change in track settings".
  5. Hi, I discovered an issue with the patch selection feature of a midi channel. My instrument (Kawai MP7SE) awaits MSB 0, LSB 0/1/2/3 and a patch no. (1..128) for changing patches/setups. If MSB is not sent, the instrument will not switch setups (LSB 2 and 3). When I select the bank and patch on the track settings (I created an instrument definition), Cakewalk only sends the LSB and patch no. but not the MSB although the "bank selected method" of my instrument definition is set to "normal". When I insert a "Bank/Patch Change" into the track (using the same instrument definition), it works (if the insert position is later than 00:00:00:00) - MSB 0 is sent correctly. This behaviour can easily be confirmed by using a virtual MIDI port (e.g. loopMIDI) and MIDI-OX for monitoring the events. Is it a bug? If so, I hope it will be fixed soon since new updates are coming out frequently for Cakewalk by BandLab which I like very much 🙂
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