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  1. If I use certain plugins like the Cakewalk LP Multiband or some of the Izotope plugins the responsiveness of the user interface becomes extremely bad. E.g. if I open the LP MB it moreless freezes indicators like the CPU meter or if I push the stop button it might last up to 1 minute untill playback stops. It makes adjusting the LP MB almost impossible. No problem with audio and othe plugins. CPU load is around 50%, maximum peak load I noticed was 65%. Memory usage 75%. I'm using latest version of Win10, latest CbB, i5, 8GB RAM. Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks
  2. I recognized the following now time mismatch between Melodyne (Assistant) and CbB: Melodyne in clip or track mode: If you use certain fx plugins in the project, e.g. TS-64 Transient Shaper and/or LP MB the now time cursor in Melodyne will lose synchronisation with the audio playback and with the now time cursor in CbB. In my case Melodyne is ahead e.g. half of a measure (see attachment). If you switch off those plugins synchronisation is OK again. Melodyne in note assignment mode: Measure 1 in Melodyne starts at the beginning of the Melodyne clip. Thus if the clip starts not at measure 1 but later, you can have several measures time difference between Melodyne and CbB. A workaround for this problem is to move the beginning of the clip to measure 1 and afterwards you make a Melodyne region fx.
  3. It's a pity that these nice tools are existing but can't be used. Nevertheless thanks for you answers.
  4. Does anyone know whether it is possible to get the Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter. My 1 year Platinum abo stopped the month before the adaptive limiter has been released. Thus download from the old Command Center is not possible and CbB obviously doesn't content the adaptive limiter. Thx.
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