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  1. Thanks again Promidi. If I run the DAW with the scarlett I'm not run any other program with the same driver or output port. (DAW - Wasapi or ASIO with Scarlett in Output // Windows - NVIDIA High Def Audio in output) I ran the command that you gave me. I see that already have the "No sounds" selected. The crackle is not in the bounces, only when Im working in the DAW. (The mp3 is a record with my phone's microphone, from the DAW). When I'm export, all is very clean. . . . I see that there are a new uptade, I'll try install it and then I'll tell you what happen.
  2. Hi Promidi. Thanks for answer this topic. 🙌 I checked the driver's version, is the latest (I have the Scarlett 6i6 1rst gen). - I'm already try with this buffer size 256, 192, 224, 112, 512, 1024, 128 (24bits) In 44.1 or 48 the problem still persist. - With Wasapi Shared, there is no crackle sound, but if I try record with that, there are so much latency. (audio and MIDI). - With ASIO (native, I haven't the other one), there is no latency, but there is the crackle sound. Cakewalk - [AKMU - Happening.cwp_ - Pista] 2020-11-24 15-23-11_Trim.mp4
  3. Hi, I have this problem since the 2020.10 update. My usual configuration is with ASIO driver (is the only one that work well in recording in my PC) with buffer size 224, at 88.2KHz. My PC is Windows 10, 32RAM, i5 7gen. So, when I play my sessions in the audio tracks I have crackles sounds, but is only in play mode, the audio is clean if I run it in VLC for example. So I have no idea what happen, I tried change buffer size, reinstall, restart the DAW. And now with the 2020.11 update, the crackles sounds louder and all over the audio track. recording-20201117-180223.mp3
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