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  1. Quite right. And if the selected framework won't allow this, it should be changed, whatever the cost, if the software will have a future. This is the most important drawback of Sonar. If not, bandlab must inform us to limit our expectations for GUI develeopment, so that we don't invest our projects in a dead platform. BTW One can also read SoundOnSound review on Cakewlak by Bandlab, where the reviewer criticizes this behaviour, first and foremost. https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/cakewalk-bandlab
  2. Hi, Currently the only way to access to Cakewlak MIDI FX in the piano roll view is to; - Select notes - Right click in an empty area - MIDI Plugins --> Cakewalk FX - Select the neccessary FX Unfortunately there is no possibility of key binding a shortcut to these menu items. Is it possible to add a shortcut or menu item in piano roll to access Cakewalk MIDI FX ? Kind Regards,
  3. I've been using Sonar since it was named Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, I remember this concept of windows resize problems emerged with the Sonar XN versions when the docking concept was introduced. So mostly sure that it ain't a windows issue. ( also a computer science engineer myself )
  4. Because zooming in and out ( whether it is done by a key combination or zoom buttons ) does not align notes automatically to the center. So if you are already in an empty region of piano roll, where the actual notes are before ( to the left ) or after ( to the right ), you zoom out the empty space, or zoom in to the empty space. There is a need to auto align all existing notes ( or selected notes ) to the center and zoom out auto to display all of them.
  5. I am aware that there are several workarounds for it, but generally speaking both mixer and piano roll windows should keep their sizes on close/open. This is just a feedback to the developers.
  6. I'll give an example; - View --> Console View - Undock the mixer window and make it float by grabbing the console tab. - Maximize it. - Close it. - Open it again by View --> Console View. - You will see that the last maximized state is not kept. It is again minimized back. Kind Regards,
  7. Yes but I have requested to keep the size of the mixer window when undocked not docked. Also things like piano roll don't remember the D docking state, but work per clip.
  8. I have been using other DAWs since the collapse of Sonar Platinum. Just out of curiosity, do the developers ever look at these feature requests anymore ?
  9. Hi, Currently the only option to see all notes in piano roll is to zoom in and out manually. There is a "fit content" option under view menu, but it only zooms out vertically, not horizontally. Similar to "zoom out whole project" option "F" shortcut in the track view, an option is needed to ; 1- zoom out all notes 2- zoom in to selected notes in the piano roll. Is this possible please ?
  10. Hi, Currently aux send levels are only displayed numerically if one touches them with mouse. When adjusting with an ACT enabled controller, only the knobs move but the numeric value is not displayed. Is this fixable ?
  11. Currently a workaround for this is to use screensets BTW.
  12. Hi, Currently if one undocks the mixer window, closes it then reopens it, the size of the mixer window appears minimized. Can Sonar remember the last size of mixer window please ? Kind Regards,
  13. Hi, A request I would like to put is to save the status of "Help Module" on the right side of the arranger view. I would expect the status of Help module ( shrinked state ) to be saved when I save the workspace, but this is not the case currently. Kind Regards,
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