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  1. I would be interested to hear if you find this version of the systemwide app more stable. Of course, if you are currently not using systemwide or if you have no problems with it, you may not be able to make much of a comparison.
  2. I have regular issues with Reference 4 headphones systemwide app. Now I feel like I am being asked to pay an upgrade fee for a rebranded version of software I already own and not much else. What I really want is a stable systemwide app.
  3. Lots to think about here. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I think I need to demo a few options and work out what works best for me. Will share my thoughts at the end.
  4. Downloaded a demo for Gig Performer and seems it only runs as standalone program. Might look at Metaplugin instead.
  5. Two reasons: 1. So I can just play around or practice with Gig Performer and when I like something save it without having to have open my DAW. 2. So I can also use the saved settings in another DAW like Cubase.
  6. Anyone got Gig Performer? Can get it for $49.99 with $20 voucher. If so, can one use it within a DAW? I was thinking of using it as a way of saving chains of amp sims and cabinets for various styles of guitar playing. Then when I want to write a song and I need a clean lead tone, for example , I pull up Gig Performer in my DAW and the select a clean lead tone I have saved in Gig Performer previously. Any thoughts on this?
  7. My best purchase was hardware: Native Instruments S88 MK2. Not cheap or even on sale and I had to wait months for it to be in stock. But already finding it much more useful to do keyboard parts.
  8. Thinking the Townhouse Buss compressor for $9.99 was too good to pass on.
  9. Decided to go for something a bit more expensive to use the voucher on. Went for the JunkieXL Brass - Trombones a3 for some beefier low brass to go with Cinematic Studio Brass.
  10. I have been in contact with NI and had to roll back to 6.3.2. kontakt 6.4.0 had broken a number of key libraries - in my case, Cinematic Studio Strings. I understand other libraries from Spitfire and others may also be affected. NI have indicated over at VI-Control they are looking at this as a high priority.
  11. My VST plugins (approx. 2,100) need some organizing in Cakewalk using Cakewalk's Plugin Manager. But I will need to do the same for Cubase. Is there any way I can use my organization in Cakewalk in Cubase (or vice versa) so i don't need to do the same thing twice in both DAW software? Is there any third party software tools that will assist with the process?
  12. teclark7

    New PA $20 Voucher

    Same here. PEX-500 will be more third or fourth Pultec EQ. Will give it a go to see if it brings anything different to the table.
  13. Yes I paid in USD. Probably could have saved some more
  14. For those who have not previously done the survey, I did the survey got the $50 voucher, redeemed Monofilter Elements through Focusrite Collective for my $100 voucher and then bought SEQ-ST (Stereo version on special for $99) plus upgrade Monofilter Elements to Full version ($68) less $150 in vouchers for the grand total of $18. Pretty good deal! I could have upgraded Stereoizer Elements (instead of Monofilter) which I had previously got through Focusrite Collective but I decided the full Monofilter upgrade might be more useful to me. Others might want to upgrade the Stereoizer Elements if they have that.
  15. teclark7

    Waves Day 6 Deal

    I have Platinum and Abbey Road collection which I have accumulated over the years. I shudder to think what I spent but it was a bit more than $223. If only I was starting out now, to think how much cheaper it would be ...
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