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  1. Thanks for helping. it´s always hard to make a choice. Looks like there are great options around.
  2. Hi Bapu, Babyface current version is RME Babyface Pro FS and it´s way more expensive rhan SSL 2+ I guess SSL 2 will give me a huge improve over M-audio C600 and M-Audio Projetmix. Sometimes i need more imputs but i guess i can live with just two! I do prefer at this moment better quality with less imputs. But i need two headphones output and Midi. I guess SSL 2 only lacks ADAT. I wonder if they are working in a more complete model.
  3. Hi, My M-audio C600 is dying and i need a new interface. Any one uses Solid State Logic SSL 2 and 2+ with Cakewalk? 2 Imputs are enough for me as long as the pre amp is good as the convertors. ADAT would be great but i can live without it!
  4. Great. Removing the E shorcut is a small great thing. I disable fx so many times by mistake.
  5. well after all the problem was all inside my two pcs. After reset the aud file the problem was gone
  6. well i found the problem. I was using the sonitus compressor in a fx bin inside Prochannel. If i move it out to the normal fx bin it works well. So the bug is just inside prochannel....
  7. Can anyone load to project and check in their system? it´s a small project just for testing. onedrive link https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnURB6w23tA6iclCOKALayNoSe0_rA?e=xcEegu
  8. Hi, iam having trouble using sidechain with sonitus compressor and gate. I have a lot of pops and Drops. If i start with the sends on i will have a drop. I can enble them one by one while play is on. Did anyone had this problem before? Have this in two different pcs. Here is a link to a bundle where this happens. Can anyone help? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnURB6w23tA6iclCOKALayNoSe0_rA?e=xcEegu (Sends are disable in track 3. YOu need to enable them to test?
  9. thanks for all your interest and coments. User 905133, track presets are a great way to improve your workflow and save time. Bus presets are not as important as track presets but can also save you time when you use FX Bus, or Parallele Compression Bus, One of the most important FX Bus is the Reverb Bus. Instead of starting always from scracth you can have a few presets you fine tune over time to start as a base. it´s not a huge deal. It´s just a very simple way tosave time and be more efficient.
  10. The workaround is: create a audio track Insert sends to the reverb bus you want. Save a templete of that audio track. Then insert that audio track in another project and it will also creat the required bus. I just think its 's easy to do this directly inserting bus from template
  11. It would bew great if bandlab adds the CA-2A to cakewalk. I love the prochannel
  12. i want to insert the bus in a existing project. Not a new one. If yu do that in the tracks you can "insert from a template" In the Bus section you haven't got that option
  13. Hi, Great Work bandlab team. What about bus templates? It probably is easy to do it. WIth track templates and project templates you can insert bus but not directly. I use reverb Bus as a lot of people and diferente templates for diferent reverb bus would be great.
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